L S & T (468 – 487)

468. Satan will use anything that promotes divisiveness among the American people.

469. One such tool is the lack of knowledge of Islamic history.

470. Christianity and Islam are eternally antithetical as can be demonstrated by simply comparing the two “founders”.

471. There is much to share concerning the faith of Muslims, but these comparisons should suffice to illustrate irreconcilable differences.

472. Jesus never fielded an army. He taught the difficult goal of loving your enemy. He would not allow his followers to fight to defend him, even when the Jews came to take him to his death.

473. Muhammad commanded his army in the defeat of the Qurayzah Jews at the Battle of the Trench. That was followed by the beheading of all the surrendering male Jews above the age of puberty and the distribution of the remaining women, children and property (according to Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad’s first biographer).  He later called for, and received, volunteers to assassinate three poets who had offended him.

474. For many nomadic desert raiders, the option of submitting to the word of the Prophet and sharing in future spoils taken in conquests seemed to be a capital idea. Their numbers increased rapidly.

475. All of Arabia was conquered during the brief period of the Prophet’s leadership.

476. Following the death of Muhammed, conquests proliferated exponentially. To the east, Islam was spread to the very borders of China. Westward conversions and conquests included all of north Africa, intrusion into sub-Sahara Africa and across the Straight of Gibraltar into Spain.

477. Everywhere Islam went, conversion, death, extortion (called jizya) or enslavement were to be expected.

478. Muslims transported black slaves across the Sahara Desert 700 years before the slave ships arrived in the Americas. They were supposedly prohibited from enslaving any who had converted to Islam, but conversion after capture did not necessarily apply.

479. When the trans-Atlantic slave trade began, having long trafficked in slavery, converted black Muslims were experienced and ready to profit by capturing and transporting their black brothers and sisters to become the cargoes for European slave ships.

480. Many black rulers prospered from their commerce with the European slave traders.

481. When slaves were freed in America by ratification of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, every Islamic country in the world still participated in slavery.

482. More than a dozen Islamic countries did not abolish slavery until the twentieth century, and one of those did not actually make slavery illegal until after 2006 AD. Some  of those areas are reputed to continue the practice today.

483. In modern times, several black American Muslim leaders have openly taught divisive and virulent opinions regarding white Americans. Those opinions have used the historically true white American involvement in slavery as their germinating point.

484. Such extreme opinions have not become predominate in the US, but Satan uses them to promote the divisions that he seeks. An arsonist’s well placed and continually fanned campfire can destroy an entire forest.

485. Evidence of Satan’s effectiveness is manifested in the number of Americans of African descent who disregard Islam’s 1200 year participation in slavery and take pride in their Islamic conversion ….. while myopically focusing on the 260 year sin of white Americans.

486. QUESTION: By what understanding can Americans of African descent be lead to look favorably upon Islam?

487. ANSWER: Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

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L S & T (445 – 467)

445. The previous items of history clearly confirm that white settlers of America did not invent the institution of slavery, and the people of the black race are not alone in their suffering under that evil.

446. Candidly, and without reservation, my persuasion is that the institution and its practices have been the result of Satanic influence upon the carnal weaknesses of the human race.

447. Satan has always cultivated the nature of man to turn from God.

448. Jesus gave us the often difficult assignment of loving others as ourselves, and Satan has rejoiced in promoting conflicts of brother against brother.

449. Satan is the personification of evil.

450. There is evil in all facets of slavery.

451. Truthful history has furnished many examples.

452. Forcing people into roles of mortal combat was evil.

453. Forcing people to live as heterosexual and homosexual prostitutes was evil.

454. Forcing women and children of a conquered foe to become the personal property of the conquers was evil.

455. Forcing kidnapped women to become “wives” for the purpose of procreation was evil.

456. Forcing people to work in the cotton fields, tobacco fields and homes of the USA was evil.

457. Forcing people to work in the mineral mines and sugar cane fields of Central America, South America and the Caribbean Islands was evil.

458. Resistance to the education of slaves was evil.

459. Breeding slaves as though they were cattle was evil.

460. Kidnapping people for the purpose of human sacrifice to “gods” was evil.

461. Kidnapping people for the purpose of selling them into slavery was evil.

462. Maintaining slave trading markets and ports was evil.

463. Transporting people to be sold into slavery was evil.

464. Government and “church” authorization of slavery was evil.

465. As we continue, there is a high degree of probability that other such evils will come to light.

466. Some of these are exercised today. For reasons unknown, if reported at all, they are most often addressed as “crimes” with little suggestion as being a continuation of slavery.

467. The next objective of these L S & Ts is to visit historical information that more directly addresses the knowledge gaps contributing to the effectiveness of he who would divide the people of our country.

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L S & T (432 – 444)

432. If we are to regard ourselves as intellectually informed concerning the institution of slavery, we would certainly want to possess, at minimum, a microscopic awareness of its history. Knowledge provides the opportunity to be intellectually independent; Absent knowledge, we become mentally subservient to someone else.

433. The presence of enslaved people seems to have been the accepted norm throughout human history.

434. The discovery of prehistoric graves in Lower Egypt has indicated enslavement of Negrito tribes as early as 8000 BC.

435. Slave labor was used in the construction of a giant hydraulic system in China about 3000 BC.

436. Even though some modern scholars have used interpretations of words to minimize the existence of slavery in ancient India, the acknowledgement  of people who were compelled to be in the service of others is common. Other scholars are not hesitant to mention the procreative services of women.

437. Around 1750 BC, the Babylonian king Hammurabi set forth laws by which people were required to live. Included was a penalty of death for anyone aiding in the escape of a slave

438. In Biblical times, prior to the birth of Christ, large numbers of all twelve tribes of Israel were carried away into slavery. Members of ten of those tribes have been lost to history.

439. Over 300 years before the time of Jesus, the philosopher Aristotle contemplated human history as well as philosophy. He also observed contemporary human behavior, and one of his conclusions was, “Humanity is divided into two: the masters and the slaves”.

440. Muslims had conquered Spain 400 years before the first Christian Crusade was launched, and a Caliph in Cardoba is reputed to have had an army composed of 60,000 Slavs, Frenchmen and Germans. They were forced to kill enemies of the Caliph or be killed.

441. The Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Indians, Western Europeans, Russians, Arabic cultures and Romans practiced slavery.

442. The native tribes of North America, Central America, South America and Sub-Sahara Africa practiced slavery.

443. Closing as we began in #433, there is a blanket statement that is secure in its veracity…….. Members of all races and cultures have suffered in slavery…….. and all races and cultures have been guilty of enslaving others.

444. Before continuing to #445, please take a few moments to understand the gravity of the few preceding items of history……. Try to imagine the billions of people who have suffered fear, degradation, physical torment and death over the thousands of years slavery has been a practice of human behavior.

More ……………….

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L S & T (418 -431)

418. The objective of the next extensive sharing of historical records and personal testaments will focus on the topic of slavery.

419. My personal testament is that the omission and twisting of truths of slavery has been, and is being, used by a spiritual entity for the purpose of dividing the people of our country.

420. In order to succeed, that spirit of division must attack the teachings of Jesus Christ, not the least of which is to “love your neighbor as yourself”.

421. As noted in #403, mankind already possesses a carnal nature resistant to the teachings of Jesus. By agitating those human imperfections, the divider of our country is achieving large measures of success.

422. Those efforts have been so successful that ingrained hatred of our brother will reject truth and accept a lie as the truth…. and then defend it.

423. Two antagonistic convictions are being inflamed by messengers of Lucifer:

    1. People of the white race who hold to a belief that, by skin color, all people of the black race are intellectually and culturally inferior to the white.
    2. People of the black race who hold to a belief that, by skin color, all people of the white race are bent on forms of denigration and subjugation of the black.

424. I will express right now, claiming the protection of the blood of Jesus, ….. that Satan is becoming more and more frantic in attempts to drag the two races to the extremities of those beliefs.

425. An incomplete and “cherry picked” historical record of slavery has contributed greatly to the efforts of division.

426. The items of ensuing information do not come from that which has been stored in my vast personal knowledge (I trust that statement to be realized as an expression of satire). I have really needed to search for it as for hidden treasure.

427. There is no way on God’s green earth that one person could grasp the complete record of the history, variations and evils perpetrated by that scar upon mankind. The quantity of information would probably overflow a large library.

428. One author’s 800 page report on a single aspect of the subject required 50 additional pages to document the notes and sources upon which it was based. His research covered several years and included examination of records found in great libraries of Spain, France and England.

429. Should God provide the time and direction, it is my hope to offer many simple expressions of information, much of which has never come to the attention of our people.

430. There is a caution expressed here. If one’s emotions are dominate over intellect…… the resulting beliefs and actions become subservient to the likes of Hitler and the Marxists. Their commonality of persuasion was that propaganda must be directed to emotions and very little to the intellect………

431. Even though Hitler openly revealed his intentions in Mien Kampf, he was subsequently able to mesmerize millions to follow him with blind devotion. It is very probable that very few of the German people bothered to read his book.









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L S & T (403 – 417)

403.  It is within the carnal nature of humans to seek what they want.

404.  Historically, if the degree of human covetousness was powerful enough for those who coveted to take from those who possessed, the result was determined by the comparative might or cunning of the two antagonists.

405.  The Persians … the Babylonians …the Mongols … the Greeks … the Celts … the Muslims … the Romans … the Egyptians … the Turks … the North American Indian tribes … the Aztecs … the Incas … the African kings … the Ming Dynasties …….. and … yes … the Western Europeans …….. all took what land … and people … they wanted …… if they were able to do so.

406.  Quite a few other historical entities qualify for the previous list, but, with levity, I trust they shan’t be offended by their omission.

407.  It is my persuasion that only lack of true information would permit acceptance of the charge of evil Europeans attacking the peaceful inhabitants of North America.

408.  Regardless of historical records, the deceivers now cast the European Anglos as the sole villains on the mental stages of those whom they seek to indoctrinate. As bad as some of their behaviors were, the Europeans were only acting as mankind had done for millennia.

409.  The portrayal of the “peaceful” inhabitants is itself a historical fabrication. The evidence of inter tribal conflicts and barbaric slaughters among the Native Americans abounds. For brevity, only a few examples are offered.

410.  The Mohawk were commonly at war with the Algonquin, Wabanaki and Mohican tribes.

411.  The Iroquois had apparently long engaged in ongoing conflict with the Huron, because their trade for guns from the Dutch allowed them to scatter the Huron to a point nearing extinction.

412.  The Comanche almost annihilated the Tonkawa in Texas over Buffalo grazing land.

413.  One Harvard researcher expressed the results of his inquiries into Native American tranquility in this manner, “The dogs of war were seldom on leash”. This is not offered as an example. I have taken it to be an educated opinion.

414.  Any suggestion that guilt should be imposed on today’s descendants of the tribes named above would be ridiculous.

415.  My personal persuasion is that anyone seeking to foment resentments and hatreds  toward these and or any of those in the list in #405 is either an indoctrinated person lacking in information or an instrument of the father of lies, the one who would deceive.

416.  The essence of  #391 – #413 is that a truly informed person could have several responses to those who seek to inflame emotions by casting eternal shame upon the Anglos who landed on the east coast of North America in the 1600s.

417.  One response might be as simple as:

“If your condemnation of the people who founded America is so paramount, why should I not declare my hatred for the descendants of all races and cultures?”.


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L S & T (391 – 402)

391. I have long sought the promotion of Christian love among people. There has also been a much older divisive spirit actively seeking to destroy that love in this country.

392. There are,what I claim in my own heart, friends who are on opposite sides of the various divisions.

393. The only remaining way that I have to combat that divisiveness is in sharing a series of truths for those friends to consider.

394. It is hoped that all truths can be taken one at a time, without the popular emotional responses of, “but look at this… look at that..

395. It is important to hold fast to the conviction that truths of the past are instructive to the decisions of today, and the decisions of today determine results in the future.

396. As this is being shared in the year 2019, I am strongly persuaded that the omission and twisting of truths, and the significance thereof, has contributed to the state of conflict from which our country now suffers.

397. Failure to impart more complete and truthful information has resulted in a populace that, while believing itself to be “educated”, is actually more susceptible to emotional manipulation that is directed toward societal divisiveness.

398. We note one popular weapon of division used on the minds of Americans is the illumination of the evil (note use of an adjective) deeds of the white (adjective #2) European (third adjective) invaders who founded America.

399. There is some truth in that statement.. By the English language definition of the word, they were invaders ….

400. However, those who inform us seem to have deemed it unnecessary to share the historical prevalence of that evil behavior among all cultures, races and nations.

401. As far as many people of our day know, those Europeans were history’s most egregious practitioners of such actions as they invaded the lands of the peaceful indigenous occupants.

402. With such a limited understanding of truthful history, it would be easy to convince many that anything attributed to those invaders would thereafter be tainted by evil.

(Topic to be continued)


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L S & T (369 – 390)

369. Considering the threat to America that was noted in #357, the words of Thomas Jefferson are becoming an ominous prophecy:

“A nation that expects to be ignorant (lacking information) and free, in a state of society, expects what never was and never will be”.

370. The communist intention to destroy our form of government and culture was known in the 1870s, and Marx himself had made his efforts in New York City.

371. Since that time, our educational systems should have been informing our people in the area of philosophical and political threats to our constitution. Unfortunately, they have not even taught our constitution’s unique structure.

372. I am persuaded that our country would now be united against the threats of communism and its variations if the information presented in #353 through #390 had been taught beginning in the 1870s. The following items are extensions of that hidden knowledge.

373. Friedrich Engels’ 1847 declaration of The Principles of Communism specifically targeted England, America, France and Germany in the objective of spreading communism to all civilized countries.

374. In his treatise, Engels writes of the “bourgeoisie” who were the people who owned property and employed workers. The employees were called the “proletariat”.

375. The Principles tell us that the communists’ general approach in any country would be, “Above all, it will establish a democratic constitution, and through this, the direct or indirect dominance of the proletariat”.

376. From Principle 25, we learn ….“In America, where a democratic constitution has already been established, the communists must make a common cause with the party which will turn this constitution against the bourgeoisie.”

377. Even though Engels had a gross misunderstanding of our constitution, it was our own ignorance that has allowed massive contortions of the document. This ignorance has persisted for so long that the general public, and even presidents, have been conditioned to exclaim that we have a “democratic” constitution.

378. Democracy itself would be useless if not directed against the property of the bourgeoisie and used for the “ensurance of the lively hood of the proletariat”.

379. Engels identified three types of socialism: bourgeoisie socialism… reactionary socialism…. and democratic socialism.

380. Engels stated that, where socialism is practiced, communists will have to come to an understanding with socialists as far as they can follow a common policy, with democratic socialists being the most useful.

381. The abolition of private property is declared to be the characterization of “the revolution.”

382. Private property will not be abolished in one stroke, but will be accomplished gradually.

383. Two practices that communists propose to reduce private property are progressive taxation (personal income taxes, Amendment XVI, 1913) and heavy inheritance taxes (currently favored by one major political party and opposed by the other).

385. As the communist society eliminates private property, removes the dependence of the woman upon the man and the dependence of children upon the parents, the relations between the sexes becomes a purely private matter between the persons involved

386. The communist philosophy intends for nationalities to disappear as the principle of community compels them to mingle with each other.

387. Another goal of Engels’ communism is to bring about the disappearance of religion.

388. Other objectives shared by Engels:

a. National control of money and credit (The Fed, 1913)

b. Construction of communal dwellings of associated groups at national cost (HUD, 1965)

c. Education of all children, from the time they can leave their mother’s care at national cost (Current proposal within one major political party)

389. Engels acknowledged that it would be impossible to carry out all measures at once, but believed one will always be followed by others.

390. Finally,  the formulators of communism would prefer peaceful transitions, but would support the proletariat with deeds as well as words, if necessary. History is a witness to the exercise of those “deeds” in our own hemisphere in Cuba, Central America and South America.

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