Occupiers of the Desert of the Mind

The longer the “occupy” groups hang around, the more apparent becomes their dysfunctional slide toward anarchy.  They are truly the epitome of the pejorative “useful idiots”, a term perhaps falsely but aptly attributed to Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin).  Being legends in their own minds, they fancy themselves to be of superior intellect.  But oddly, they seem oblivious to the history of “successful” movements of their kind.  Those have always ended in some form of totalitarian rule and never in the utopian society envisioned by the current protesters.

They display no concept of the mass benefits of individual initiative and responsibility when practiced in a free capitalistic society.

 Their words and actions suggest no knowledge of the U.S. Constitution or its uniqueness in human history.

 They expect their self incurred debts to be forgiven at the expense of the lender or paid by someone else.

 The demonstrators demand that those who have achieved a greater level of prosperity than they possess must be required to give the government an amount which pleases them. Conversely, they complain when the homeless consume food which has been given to occupiers.

 Audio visual accounts show that some have destroyed property and screamed for violence to be used against their perceived oppressors.

 They proudly demonstrate disrespect for lawful behavior, then demand lawful protection.

 Some of their actions regarding personal hygiene have never been acceptable in civilized society.  You figure that one out.

 Even their elucidations reveal less than admirable mastery of communicative skills.

 Laughably, there are marginal elements present such as those who have threatened to levitate buildings by the use of paranormal powers.

 Labor unions and the community organizing group formerly known as ACORN are openly involved in manipulating them.

 They apparently welcome the anti-Semite, communist, Nazi and white supremacist elements which have chosen to join them.  Unfortunately, they are also embraced by some of our political leaders because of sincere approval or timidity of principle.

 With all things considered, it is then instructive to reference the meaning of the term “useful idiots”.  If unsure of the application, Wikipedia may help.

 Seriously, may God help us if they do represent 99% of the American people.


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2 Responses to Occupiers of the Desert of the Mind

  1. Dad, you really are smart. I enjoyed reading this post. Just dropped by WordPress (which you and I shall now refer to as WP for short) for a minute while getting other things done tonight. FYI, I could not figure out how to look a name up from the WP homepage. But I went the google route, and was proud to read your Occupiers blog. I will now try to use the word “instructive” a little more often. (:

  2. Cameron Hunter says:

    This one was a little tough to decode but I got the overall jest of the post. I hope it’s okay with you that I use you as a source. I just used your quote of “They expect their self incurred debts to be forgiven at the expense of the lender or paid by someone else.” in a paper I am writing for my Federal Government class. This was part of a response in regards to balancing the budget and differences in generational voting habits.


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