Obama: Who Does HE Think He Is?

This is a topic that is approached with great reluctance because of the nature and existence of ongoing and seemingly over reaching conspiracy theories. However, the behavior of the subject and increasing accumulation of information causes the question to continually recur in this old mind.

Does Barack Hussien Obama II believe himself to be the hidden Imam of Islam?

Take note now…….billover70 does not posit an affirmative or negative to the question. Only BHO can supply the answer………but let us consider some easily authenticated information; all of which is in the awareness of President Obama.

  1. An Islamic teaching, with variations of detail and some conflicts, foretells a great Imam who will conceal himself until the appointed time when he will establish and rule a worldwide caliphate, converting all people to Islam.

2.  Vaguely similar to Obama, one of the versions involves a mixed  marriage  (the mother being a black African and the father an Arab Muslim) into which was born the original Mahdi.

3.   While in Indonesia, Obama attended a Muslim school for at least two years.

4.   Surely that school would teach the coming of that hidden Imam, just as a      Southern Baptist school would teach the return of Jesus.

5.  According to NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof, Obama can recite the Muslim call to prayer with a first class Arabic accent, and Obama calls it, “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset”.

6. For some reason known only to him, Obama made a point in his first book, Dreams from My Father, that Malcolm X might live with some whites but only “as brothers in Islam”.

7. One of President Obama’s earliest endeavors involved worldwide speeches and excursions that included what appeared to be a special deference to an Islamic ruler.

8. Obama is renowned for his narcissistic personality.

9. From childhood, his mother convinced him that he was extremely well mannered compared to other children, and that he was to disdain the ignorance and arrogance characterized by some Americans.

10.  Obama’s memoir, Dreams from My Father, is rife with self aggrandizing remarks and complementary “quotes” attributed to “composite” (non existent) individuals.

11. His repetitive use of singular personal pronouns seems unparalleled on the political landscape.

12.  In the book, The Audacity of Hope , one must reach page 9 in the chapter on the US Constitution before Obama does not mention himself.

13. Indeed, on the first page of that chapter he refers to himself a dozen times.

14. In Edward Klein’s book, The Amateur,  we find these comments:

a.  Evan Thomas, “Obama is standing above the country, above the world. He’s sort of a God”..

b.  Spike Lee, “You’ll have to measure time by ‘Before Obama and after Obama’ …Everything’s going to be affected by this seismic change in the universe”.

c.  Micah Tillman, “the…..king we have been looking for for the past 2400  years”.

d.  Oprah Winfrey referred to Obama as “The One”.

e.  Chris Mathews noted Obama’s election as , “This is the New Testament”.

f.   From an interview with Father Michael Pfleger, Klein reported Obama’s declaration that  God had called him to be POTUS.

We could pursue these types of worshipful expressions into boredom.

15. Upon becoming POTUS, he almost immediately received worldwide acclaim as the recipient of the Nobel Peace award, even though he had actually achieved nothing.

16. Obama himself  has made seemingly innocuous but self acclaiming motivational comments such as, “We are the ones we have been waiting for” and, “This is the moment the seas will begin to lower”.

17. Obama certainly knows that as long as the US Constitution stands, complete world domination from outside forces would be difficult and probably self destructive. The only feasible way for that obstacle to be removed is from within.

18. The man has made it very clear in his second book that he considers the US Constitution to be little more than a thing of wax.

19. He is on record complaining about the few constraints that he does acknowledge in the Constitution and has cited the wonderful things he would do if he were “king”.

20. Currently, Obama occupies the office that represents the most powerful man in the world.

If these items were to be randomly considered two or three at a time, the supposition of Obama’s possible messianic aspirations would appear absurd. When taken collectively, and with many more available, the question begins to beg a response.  Again, no supporter or opponent can assume their opinion to be an authenticated answer.

Only President Barack Obama knows that answer in his own mind.

The conundrum remains:

Who does Barack Hussein Obama II THINK he is?


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2 Responses to Obama: Who Does HE Think He Is?

  1. Bruce says:

    Certainly he thinks himself a type of messiah. His mission is to radically transform America and reconstruct it into his image. So, anything is possible with this guy.

    • billover70 says:

      Bruce, thanks for taking the time to view and comment.
      A bit embarressing to say, but Old Bill has yielded to the temptation to suspect that the “transforming” may be the means to the ends (as per Alinsky/Marx/Lennin) that a deluded person may be using to achieve what he believes to be his greater glory.

      Throughout his life, he has received ample encouragement to envision those kinds of things about himself.

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