Slavery Considered

Going out the gate:  All forms of slavery are evil.

 The minds of many Americans have been manipulated by incomplete, omitted, slanted and sometimes incorrect information regarding slavery. That exploitation has contributed to and is being used to promote what we call racial problems.

Those members of the black race who are being manipulated have been lulled into the understanding that their ancestors were about the only ones who suffered under slavery, and that white southerners were mostly to blame.  At the same time, many white Americans are guided to the same persuasion, thus providing support for the deception.

Today, there are people who owe their positions of power, influence and wealth to their ability to fan mistrusts, anger and hatreds among those (black and white) possessing an incomplete understanding of history.

These manipulators do not want slaves, they want vassals. They seek to control black Americans as vassals who pledge allegiance and service to the master in exchange for material gain that has been taken from others and protection from imagined oppressors. The vassal must be persuaded that he is being prevented from being able to provide for himself.

The deceivers can succeed only if the people they seek to influence remain without applicable knowledge. The subterfuge relies on the lack of understanding regarding that true evil we call slavery.

With all humility and a desire to inspire personal efforts to gain a more complete understanding of the problem that has been a stain upon mankind as well as the history of our country, some thoughts and information are herein offered.

1.    The presence of enslaved people in human societies has been the accepted norm for thousands of years.

2.    Members of every race on the planet have been subjected to enslavement at some point.

3.    Members of all twelve tribes of Israel were carried away into slavery and ten of those tribes were lost to history.

4.    The Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians and Romans practiced slavery.

5.    The native tribes of North America and South America practiced slavery.

6.    Some have said, because of the great numbers enslaved, the English word “slave” was derived from the white Slavic people.

7.     Millions upon millions more African slaves were delivered to Central America, South America and the New World islands than the number of those who ever set foot in the southern states of the U.S.

8.    The Trans Atlantic African slave trade thrived in the New World for a hundred years before the English began to successfully colonize North America.

9.    The powerful tribes of Africa enslaved members of other tribes, and when other races found that these slaves were available for sale, the stronger tribes were eager to provide them.

10.   For hundreds of years, those stronger tribes profited by selling millions of their race to the Muslims, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English and others.

11.   As a matter of fact, the Muslims initiated mass black slavery hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus was born….untold numbers of those slaves perished while being transported across the Sahara desert.

12.   Only in the last 250 to 350 years has there been any large scale effort by countries to abolish slavery, and that effort was lead by countries that were recognized as being predominately white and Christian.

13.   When countries began to outlaw the Atlantic slave trade in black Africans, the British navy was the first and for a long time the only entity that attempted worldwide enforcement.

14.   The American war between the states hastened the emancipation process in the U.S., and the Constitution was appropriately amended.

15.   The Confederate states did not abolish slavery when they wrote their constitution, but that document did prohibit any further importation of Africans from any country except the U. S…..This is not to falsely imply that there was to be an immanent elimination of slavery in the South….just reporting a little known fact.

16.   For a notable length of time after abolition of slavery in the U.S., a great part of the world’s population continued to live in countries that allowed slavery.

17.   Muslim countries were the last to officially abolish slavery, and six of those nations took action in only the last fifty some odd years before this date.

18.   The African Islamic Republic of Mauritania “abolished” slavery in 1981, but a CNN investigation concluded that ten to twenty percent of the population remained enslaved at the time of that investigation. The actual “outlawing” of slavery was delayed until 2006.

When the true historical record of the involvement of Muslim countries is laid bare, and considering that the Christian European countries were the leaders in bringing an end to the African slave trade, it is odd that many blacks today are persuaded to become “brothers in Islam”.

As far as oppression goes, that pot has to be vigorously and continually stirred if it is not to be labeled ridiculous by the entire population of the U.S.A.

Today, Americans of the black race occupy prominent positions in education, entertainment, professional athletics, military leadership, health care, the media, the judiciary, local governments, school boards, state governments, the federal government, Wall Street and major corporations. Is it really necessary at this point to make note of who is in his second term in the Whitehouse?

The number of black millionaires in the U.S. is estimated to range from 30,000 to 40,000, and Oprah Winfrey and Robert Johnson became billionaires.

The preceding accomplishments were not handed out as sympathy awards for the atrocities suffered by their ancestors any more than the descendents of any other race with a history of slavery……..They were earned!

If black Americans are oppressed today, the oppressors are doing a very poor job.

One closing note of a general nature:

Supposing America to be the land of greedy oppressors, why have so many people of all races been trying to get here as fast as they can?


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  1. Mandy Graham says:

    Wow, Paw Paw! Well said!

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