Obama Voters…………………..

……………..Are They Deaf and Blind or What?

President Obama has said, written and done things that should send chills through every American, and his supporters blindly think “they” have no reason to be concerned.

  1. He recently made a second term promise to take control of ALL manufacturing  as he did General Motors.
  2. He continues to vow to redistribute the wealth of citizens, and supporters seem to be unconcerned as to who will be sharing with whom and how much will change hands.
  3. He has written and said, “At some point you have enough”. His only suggestion regarding the amount has been $175,000. He makes $400,000 guaranteed for his lifetime & has a personal wealth exceeding $10 million, yet we do not see him setting an example.
  4. The manned space program has been terminated, and according to NASA administrator Charles Bolden, three new objectives are to “re-inspire” children to study science and math, expand international relations and reach out to the Muslim world.
  5. Perhaps he got his tongue tangled up, but he did note his “Muslim faith” in an interview.  It is remarkable that the interviewer (former senior advisor to President Clinton) caught it and furnished the “correction” before Obama made his own.  
  6. He vowed to establish a “civilian security force as well funded and equipped as the military”. Communist China has something similar……so did Russia…..Hitler’s was very successful.
  7. The current POTUS voted for huge amounts of debt as a U.S. senator and continually faults his predecessor for its entirety.  Since becoming president, Obama has advocated and shepherded more debt than the first 41 presidents combined.  Writings of our founding fathers and philosophers through out history (as well as plain common sense) dictate the economic fatality of incurring impossibly unredeemable debt.  In the case of the survival of our form of society, to actually assume that level of indebtedness would indicate a limited number of alternatives.  One would be complete ignorance (lack of knowledge).  A second may be stupidity (possessing knowledge but having complete disregard for the known consequences).  A third, and most troubling, is the presence of an ulterior motive seeking to destroy this form of government and society, resulting (if you will receive it) in a “fundamental change” in what this country has been for over two hundred years.
  8. Obama has admitted in an interview that lowering taxes on the producers would generate more total revenue, but “That wouldn’t be fair”.
  9. The president expressed his opinion , “We can’t drive our SUV’s and set our thermostats at 72 degrees; the rest of the world won’t like that”.
  10. In his second book, The Audacity Of Hope,   Barack Obama clearly revealed his opinion of the U.S. Constitution as “the constitutional text doesn’t constrain us much at all, so that we are free to assert our own values unencumbered by fidelity to the stodgy traditions of a distant past”.  His defenders can shout and hurl insults all they desire, but unless they burn all of those books the truth is easily displayed…..he does cover himself somewhat by further stating, “I am too steeped in the myth of the founding to reject it entirely”……….Wow!……Thanks, Mr. President.    

Let’s move along to some specific groups who are in need of heeding the alarm clock.

Health care professionals – Obama has accused doctors of performing unnecessary tests and operations….Question: In Obama’s dream world, who do you suppose will make those decisions?….Some health care professionals eagerly support Obama Care while appearing to be blithely ignorant of the undeniable fact that a government planned system will, of necessity, dictate fees as well as the fields the planners will allow individuals to pursue.

Private health care insurers – Obama has said, private health care insurers cannot be eliminated immediately, “It may take ten or fifteen years”………..Enough said.

Voters in coal producing states – That product can be used, but Obama has vowed to bankrupt the coal fired plants with strangling regulations.

Christians and those who value the right to gun ownership – Every one should recall his attitude toward those individuals when Obama belittled them with the comment that they were “bitter people clinging to their Bibles and guns”. Just a side note……When speaking of the Bible, he says “Bible”. When speaking of the Qur’an, he has noted it as the “Holy Qurrrr’an” with the proper “rolling R” effect.   

Voters in the entertainment industry (Hollywood, professional athletes, musicians, etc.) – How do you think that $175 K would sound to them?  Once the power is granted to determine the amount, what if the decision needs to be $100K…maybe in tough times $40 K……?  After all, it would be for the common good and it is certain that the “poor” would need that extra money. Remember, “equality” is the great moral principle for this philosophy. 

Farmers…..oh well……anyone who actually owns private property – Obama has said and written, “Ownership” society will not work.  He has also said “It has never worked”.   What are we to suppose that he means by that philosophy?  It is interesting that Friedrich Engels expressed that same philosophy as the primary foundation of The Principles of Communism. 


Those making a living in the oil industry and the supporting services – in no way has Obama attempted to promote development in the vast areas controlled by the federal government.  He has made American off shore drilling approval very difficult to obtain.  He blocked the Canadian pipe line which would have created thousands of jobs as well as delivered huge amounts of oil to our refineries to process.  Instead of promoting this industry which would provide so many jobs and huge amounts of tax revenue, the President has continually attacked “big oil” with charges that the money the government allowed them to keep from their own production was a “government subsidy”.     


A woman named Ayn Rand grew up in Russia during the Communist revolution.  She escaped to the U.S. and saw the same seeds beginning to grow here.  Over 50 years ago she authored a visionary but somewhat difficult to read novel titled Atlas Shrugged .   The theme of the book was the fall of America from within.  In that prophecy, much like those Obama voters today, each group thought the “fundamental changes” were only meant for the other guys…..until it was too late!


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3 Responses to Obama Voters…………………..

  1. Bruce says:

    There is way too much substance here for the average Democrat brain. They read it (doubtful) and simply shrugg and murmur “malarkey” like our gas bag VP.

    • billover70 says:

      Thanks, Bruce………you are correct about the lack of concern characterized by those great masses, but the sense of frustration becomes so strong I just have to throw stuff out there.

      • Bruce says:

        I hear ya. Last night I heard so much spinning that I have a headache, and some of it was from yelling at the TV!

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