As the populace of a country, we have been insidiously educated and conditioned to believe and/or accept things that are simply untrue.

The motivations of the perpetrators are spread over a wide range of individual goals.

That field begins with those who harbor a conspiratorial lust for power which can best be exercised with an inoperative US Constitution and absent original American ideals.

Another group embraces a self aggrandizing devotion to what they consider an intellectually superior ideology.

A third category is comprised of the emotionally benevolent who innocently believe themselves to be better directors of the lives of other people.

Some possess characteristics of the first and second groups. Others incorporate the second and third.

The second and third champion tenets and situations they wish to be true that are not so. The first group knows better.

These thoughts were brought to mind as billover70 was enjoying a History Channel presentation depicting the life of Benjamin Franklin.  The program recounted Franklin’s accomplishments as a scientist, inventor, statesman, writer, etc. as well as family relationships and social adventures.

When the story reached Franklin’s involvement in the writing of the Declaration of Independence, Old Bill was suddenly jolted forward in time to the exigent battle for the soul and foundation of our country.

One of the program’s “scholars” took time to explain in detail how Franklin had ensured the text of the Declaration would affirm a separation of church and state and that rights come from “the people”.

To accomplish this, said the scholar, Franklin personally marked through the word “sovereign” in Jefferson’s original draft of the expression, “certain sovereign Rights”,       and substituted the word, “unalienable”.  This, said the wise authority (with a smiling face), guaranteed that rights come from “the people”, thereby establishing “separation” from anything churchy (bos could not resist a wee bit of levity)

For any person who has read the Declaration in the past year, or perhaps made a study of it at any point in life, feel free to stop reading now and either die laughing or regurgitate.

Numero uno (a little esl), the word “sovereign” only meant “supreme, above all others, predominate”. “Sovereign” conveys no spiritual meaning unless it is placed adjacent to a word identifying a spiritual entity. The word “unalienable” meant “cannot be alienated, cannot be transferred”.  Unalienable is indeed a more appropriate expression when the document is actually read.

Second, a complete reading of the sentence which was referenced is instructive to the point … “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Thus, the apparent “change” suggested by Franklin bares no relevance whatsoever to the promulgated conclusion of the so called authority.

Further reading of the Declaration clearly negates the gross obfuscation spuriously presented as fact by the television program.

To wit, other expressions in the Declaration include:

“… the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God entitle them “

“… appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world”

“… with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence”

If  Mr. Franklin was truly intent on removing suggestions of a connection between the government and a spiritual entity,  he obviously fell somewhat short.

The aforementioned scholar’s assertion is beyond devious. It is malevolent.  This is especially true when it is certain that the man is relying on the fact that, without strong encouragement, no one who is previously uninformed will seek a dictionary and a copy of the Declaration in search of verification.

Unfortunately, because that program will be repeated on television numerous times, another lie from the pit of hell will be accepted by hundreds if not thousands.  Most tragically, the video of this prevarication will, in all probability, be used as instructional lessons for young people.

One other thing that would be tragic is for those who are aware of the continuing movement to omit and subvert truth to remain silent!!!!!!!!




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