One Way to Destroy the United States of America

There are a limited number of ways that the destruction of   the United States of America might be accomplished… But let us consider one   of which the general populace is aware, although there is a lack of sensibility of the danger.That danger is a clear illustration of Thomas Paine’s   observation that, “A long habit of not   thinking a thing wrong… gives it a   superficial appearance of being right”.

Take us back some 250 years to a time when the world was just beginning to move away from the acceptance of a “right” that had existed since the   beginning of recorded history…. that is at least 6000 years.

That “right” was, by the strength of arms, one man could require the fruits of another man’s labor….. It is probable that some who were not involved with either end of that situation were always sensible of its injustice….. but that is just the way things were.

That particular injustice is no longer considered to be a “right”, and has  come to be recognized as a crime in almost all countries.

Today, a more insidious form of that practice is, by the strength   of arms, being accepted as a “right” through the belief in a certain type of political philosophy.

For example, in the case of the “right” to health care…

…one must assume that he is entitled to the effort, knowledge, skill & time (all to be considered labor…if you will)   of the person who provides that service.

If the provider of the service is to be compensated at all, then such   compensation must be taken from a third person who has used their own labor to acquire that means of compensation.

So, what we see here is the expectation that a person has the “right” to the labors of others.

Private individuals and private companies cannot use force to compel people to submit their labor or property… That would be a crime punishable by law…… the government can use that force… & does.

In the case of our country and some others, this type of “right”   has been called an “entitlement”.

The current laws under which this condition exists places our country on the path to cataclysmic destruction.

The peril lies not only in the fact that there continue to be more and more of these supposed entitlements, but said entitlements and all of the agencies of government require, by the strength of arms, that there must be an annual increase of funding provided…. even in times when the providers are able to achieve no equivalent increase in their ability to provide.

The obvious catastrophe is the fast approaching juncture where the totalitarian demands for the fruit of labor exceed the possible production of that fruit.

This unfortunate experience will be used by some future historians as indication that capitalism and the free market system of the United States was a failure…..

….But that system has already been saddled with so many handicaps that it only exists in a medial state.


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2 Responses to One Way to Destroy the United States of America

  1. Bruce says:

    And don’t get me started on the “right” to never be offended. The destruction of the US is intentional. No doubt in my mind.

  2. billover70 says:

    You & a small percentage of others know that the “rights” noted in the Declaration of Independence were considered to be “natural” rights.. named as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness etc.

    People seem to never consider …Is it “natural”……….
    …that a person should never be offended?…
    …that others must be compelled to provide a person’s health care services?…
    …that others must be compelled to provide a person’s food, clothing, shelter & education?

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