Education?………….Or Not?

Education?………… Or Not?

The lack of knowledge dooms people to the control of others through the use of emotional manipulation. Please allow a few examples of information, the omission of which has strongly influenced many opinions.

……..We all know of the Christian Crusades and are manipulated to “understand” the “justifiable guilt” today’s Christians should feel. We are also prompted to empathize with current hatreds harbored by Muslims because of those invasions.

However, probably fewer than 1 in 1000 Americans know that the “peace loving and tolerant Muslims”, having militarily dominated all of Arabia, had subsequently invaded and conquered Jerusalem, the north eastern coasts of the Mediterranean, all of North Africa, Spain, and portions of France (check that out on a map) some 300 or 400 years before the first Crusade was launched.

As was their custom following significant conquests, a magnificent celebratory mosque was constructed at Cardoba, Spain. Following the destruction of the twin towers on 9-11, a group of Muslims wanted to build a place of worship nearby. Of course it was only a coincidence that they were going to name it ……….. Cardoba.

On a somewhat related topic……… All Americans know something about the history of the truly despicable Trans-Atlantic slave trade. That has been taught in our schools for generations, and we are constantly reminded of our ancestors’ participation on both ends of that evil practice.

Our textbooks are thorough in their coverage of the mass enslavement of the ancestors of today’s African-Americans and the ensuing negative experiences. However, it would be rare indeed to find an American history textbook that informed students of the origins of the mass black African slave trade.

It was the Islamic nations that introduced the world to the profitability of that practice some 600 years before Columbus was born. Not surprisingly, some Muslim countries did not “abolish” slavery until well into the twentieth century.

If this truth had always been taught in our schools… as opposed to the constant emphasis that has been placed on the relatively brief historical involvement of the United States… Americans of African descent might presumably cast more jaundiced eyes toward becoming “brothers in Islam”.

Continuing in the general perception of slavery in the U.S. ………Without a doubt, less than 1 American in 10,000 is aware that the Constitution of the Confederate States prohibited further importation of slaves from any source other than the remaining American states.

Additionally, the Emancipation Proclamation of President Lincoln (the most personally acknowledged racist to ever occupy the White House) purposely granted waivers for slavery in those Northern States still participating in that atrocity…. He had also declared, in his own handwriting to Horace Greely:

“What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union…”

Touching another area of manipulation……….Perhaps American History textbooks still mention Patrick Henry’s speech (“Give me liberty or give me death”) and Ben Franklin holding the Constitutional Convention together with his address. However, the complete text of either oration would never be provided for young minds to consider because the template for the foundation of current ideology regarding the “separation of church and state” would not be advanced.

With all of the previous being said, an opinion is hereby posited:

If our education system and media presentations had always included these and other readily available truths… many current public opinions would be radically transformed.

Now, addressing those in education who would be reluctant to search out, verify and present information that has been previously omitted from the American education systems, there is a question that must be confronted:

“What is your motive for withholding truth from those you profess to educate?”

There is a bestselling book wherein is stated, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Let us pray that this is not to be the destiny of our country.


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2 Responses to Education?………….Or Not?

  1. Bruce says:

    Sadly you are spot on. The statists control the narrative and need not bother with facts. Goebbels would approve.

  2. billover70 says:

    Thanks for the thought………. Old Bill & “wifey” are seeking to disseminate some seeds of truth in as many schools as God will provide access. At the conclusion of this week we hope to have touched an aggregate of 36 schools in Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina & Virginia……. It is our prayer that others will be moved to cultivate & we have to leave the harvest to God.

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