Mr. Speaker!…… I give you the President of the United States!

Most people know all about this, but wifey is getting tired of being the only person subjected to my rants.

When a college professor was mistaken for an intruder and arrested, the President of the USA intervened and publicly stated that he did not know any of the details, “but the police acted stupidly”. He then proceeded to take time out of his schedule to invite the arresting officer and the professor to enjoy a well publicized beer in the Rose Garden.

A young black person was killed in Florida, and the President of the USA indicated a strong interest in that incident. For some reason, he felt it necessary to publicly state the obvious by saying, “If I had a son, he would look like Travon (the victim)”. I understand that a significant number of young men that look like him were killed in his adopted home town that same week. That news evoked no comment.

In Missouri, another young black person was killed in an altercation with a police officer and the President of the USA invited community organizers to the White House.

The President of the USA took time to make and publicize calls to two Professional athletes to congratulate them on wanting the world to know that they preferred sex with other men.

The President of the USA took time to call a lady to congratulate her on becoming the first woman to coach in the NBA. I understand that might not be all together correct.

The President of the USA finds time to appear on TV comedy shows in addition to have his sports predictions recorded for television presentation.

Most recently, the White House arranged time for the President of the USA to be interviewed by a woman whose signature accomplishment was to fill a tub with milk and cereal, then proceed to wallow in it while gulping the contents of her bath.

A man named Chris Kyle was murdered near Dallas on February 2, 2013. He had served multiple combat tours in the Middle East and was reportedly the most effective sniper in the military which is now under the command of the current President of the USA. So effective was he, that I understand a terrorist organization had placed a price on his head. One hundred Navy SEALs were members of the reported ten thousand people who attended Kyle’s services in the home stadium of the Dallas Cowboys. The 200 mile funeral procession that followed closed down south bound Interstate 35. The procession included five chartered busses, an uncounted number of vehicles, Freedom Riders and law enforcement personnel.  Interstate 35 and its overpasses were lined with thousands of people….. And, no, I have not yet seen the movie, nor discussed it with anyone who has seen it.

As of the latest report that I see…. The Commander In Chief of the military has not found time to contact the Chris Kyle family and has made no public comment regarding  Kyle’s death.

There is something in there that appears a bit “un-Presidential” and perhaps incongruous.

If anyone has a complaint about these thoughts, please indicate which of them are false as they are stated.


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1 Response to Mr. Speaker!…… I give you the President of the United States!

  1. Bruce says:

    Back in 2008 I had a discussion with my son regarding the President and his promise to radically change the USA. My son said, don’t worry dad, he’ll govern from the center, they always do. I said, no, not this one. This one is a 100% Marxist ideologue who is all about an agenda. I am sorry I was right. Thank you for pointing out the obvious snub to Chris Kyle’s family.

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