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Abolition of Private Property

Let’s suppose some guy told you he was going to take something away from you. Then he proceeded to tell you precisely how he was going to do it, whether you liked it or not. Now suppose he began to … Continue reading

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Question Re Islam

Our local newspaper has, in times past, published letters noting the peaceful nature of the Qur’an, the Prophet and his traditions. Even though such items can be truthfully cited, there seem to be other, supposedly authentic, records that reveal conflicting … Continue reading

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Clinton Media

  A brief peek into the Clinton/media romance. After serving as President Bill Clinton’s senior adviser, George Stephanopoulos authored All Too Human wherein he unmasked the bias of CBS. He disclosed how Don Hewitt, the executive producer of CBS’s highly … Continue reading

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2nd Amendment Right? Hogwash!

  Let us consider the opinion of the man most qualified to explain the purpose of the US Constitution, James Madison, as he was attempting to relieve the fears that the proposed constitution would permit the federal government to become … Continue reading

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Clinton-Trump-Grieving Parents

Let’s look at the recent commotion involving Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the grieving parents. First, Mrs. Patricia Smith held Mrs. Clinton responsible for her son Sean’s death. He had told her that he thought he would die because their … Continue reading

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