Clinton Media


A brief peek into the Clinton/media romance.

After serving as President Bill Clinton’s senior adviser, George Stephanopoulos authored All Too Human wherein he unmasked the bias of CBS. He disclosed how Don Hewitt, the executive producer of CBS’s highly rated news program, 60 Minutes, coached both Clintons during the taping of a program that was designed to deflect the political damage of Bill’s affair with Gennifer Flowers. Hewitt even boasted that he had made JFK president and he could do the same for Bill.

During his association with the Clintons, George was fortunate enough to qualify for a $835,000 mortgage on a  $125,000 salary. The loan just happened to be secured through a banker who was admired by Bill.

Hillary thought a lot of George also. As he was leaving the staff, George recalled her private good-bye. After an affectionate embrace, with shining eyes and hands on his shoulders, she said, “I love you, George Stephanopoulos”. George replied, “I love you, too”.

As luck would have it, George found a job with ABC where he steadily rose past others to the position of Chief Washington Correspondent and host of the prestigeous news program, This Week, where he displaced established co-hosts, Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts.

Again as luck would have it, George was fortunate enough to be selected to “moderate” the ABC Republican presidential debate in 2012. There he famously assumed the role of debate participant as he grilled Mitt Romney for more than three minutes over an irrelevant and absurd question which the Democrats just happened to turn into the “Republican war on women”.

Are we to believe that George, ABC and CBS have put away their prior feelings regarding the Clintons and the Republicans and have now become neutral conveyors of the news?


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