Trump Is Doing What?… With Russia?

The “I promise I won’t make you angry…Please don’t hurt me!” mind set of those who inhabit the Republican Party is really getting to be annoying. There have always been so many possible retorts at their disposal… It’s like a football team that elects to kickoff following every point the opponent scores.

The Dems & media have been quite exercised over the president’s alleged relationship with our communistic geopolitical rival, Russia. The R’s just lined up to play defense, but they could have taken the offense.


Following is a small portion of easily verifiable information related to our former president, Barack Obama. All of this has been public knowledge, but the polite Repubs have declined to put it together in hopes that the Dems will not call them racist… There is not one syllable here that has anything to do with race.

Teenage Years of Barack Obama

In Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama shared his admiration for, and words of wisdom from, “old Frank” who was actually Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was one of the founders of a group that was designated a subversive communist organization. He subsequently moved to Hawaii before it became a state, and in later years, Barack’s grandfather included young Barack when the two adults shared time and drinks.

College Years

In the same book, BHO disclosed that he consciously sought Marxist professors.

Post Graduation

Obama also told that he had a brief employment in the free market private sector (opposite of socialist/communist). He considered that as “working behind enemy lines”.


Upon becoming POTUS, Obama chose an adviser who had been a member of what was called a radical communist organization. As this became public knowledge the adviser resigned the position.

Later that year, the new US administration touted the restoration of relations with Russia.


During the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney noted that he considered Russia to be the number one geopolitical threat to the US….. President Obama ridiculed him for expressing such lack of knowledge.

During that same campaign, BHO was caught on a “hot mike” sending a message to Vladimir Putin that he would have “more flexibility” after he was reelected.

January 2013

Russia obtained controlling interest in a Canadian uranium company which had somehow gained approval to obtain 20% of America’s uranium deposits. By law, there was only one person who could have exercised a veto power over the original deal …the President of the United States of America.


Russia invaded and annexed Crimea… The President of the USA said, “Naughty – Naughty” and issued some sanctions. These caused Vladimir to become so fearful of America that Russia proceeded to perform military “exercises” along the border of Ukraine, a friend of the US. This was in “support” of the “rebels” who were seeking the violent overthrow of that government. Republicans wanted to offer Ukraine the aid of military weapons. The commander in chief “saw things through a different lens” and nixed the suggestion.

January 2017 (Immediately Prior to the inauguration of Donald Trump)

The Obama administration approved the agreement that sent 130 tons of uranium (possibly ours) from Russia to Iran (you know, the “death to America” people).

OK, NOW…. Tell me again about the dangers of Donald Trump playing footsie with the Russkie Commies…

… And, for that matter, clue me as to how the Russians, or anyone else, may have threatened our free and fair elections by exposing these two realities of the current controversy…

(1) The Democrat Party elites thwarted Bernie Sanders’ presidential primary bid vs Hillary C…


(2) CNN provided the DNC chairperson with the questions prior to a Clinton/Sanders debate, and they were shared with Hillary.

Do you suppose there might be another person who has more in common with (and is more favorable to) Russia than Donald Trump?


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