Evolution of the Spirit

What if Darwin and later modifications have been right? That is to say, nothing became something, some of the something was able to become electrically charged, amino acids were formed … and here we are. Of course, all of this required billions of years to develop.

Natural conditions and the course of events on the planet have been very unfriendly to the progress of life. Meteor impacts, solar flares, earth crust displacement, volcanoes, ice ages, gigantic floods, droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, diseases, famines, wars and mankind’s seemingly underlying predisposition for cruelty and violent behavior have all served as some of the hurdles and pitfalls in the path of advancement of life on Earth…

As Darwin’s premise of “natural selection” would have it, only organisms that developed characteristics necessary to persevere through all the hazards would continue to survive and improve. The ability of our ancestors to navigate through such hazards has allowed us to reach the pinnacle of evolution we now occupy…

If the evolutionary premises be correct, there seems to be no Darwinian basis to assume anything other than the expectation of an even more advanced stage of development yet to appear… unless we are arrogant enough to insist that we are the ones we have been waiting for and therefore beyond improvement over the next million years.

Leaving the intelligentsia to deal with that thought, perhaps they have hit upon a theory that has validity in another area of “life”.

There are folks who believe there will someday be some kind of eternal union between some people and a supernatural, superintending entity. Let’s call that supernatural thing ”God”.

Now let’s think about who a “person” is. The individual person who might one day come into the presence of the aforementioned entity will quite probably not appear in the form now seen as his or her current physical body.

The real person would be whatever that untouchable thing is that directs every conscious action of the body and houses every belief of the mind. Let’s call it the human spirit. The essence of every person would then be the spirit that inhabits that tent of human flesh.

Just maybe God is in the process of developing a more perfect spiritual being. A characteristic necessary for advancement to that next level appears to be the ability and willingness to believe in certain specified things that cannot be seen, any and all natural events not withstanding. We call that characteristic, “faith”… the evidence of things not seen.

In the beginning of the gospel of John, we read that all things were created by Jesus. Those things created would obviously have to include the human spirit. Later in that book, Jesus tells his disciples, “I go to prepare a place for you…”. This would at least suggest that the Word of God that began the creation had not, at that time, completed the project.

Further, the Bible records that there is yet to be a “new heavens and a new earth”. Even Steven Hawking, arguably the world’s most brilliant atheistic mind, has determined that the existence of multiple universes is probable. He continues to go so far as to accept that these other universes may not be subject to the same laws of physics as is ours.

At this point we posit a similarity between the book of Darwin and the book of God. The former notes the necessity for the species to navigate and persevere through the aforementioned experiences of hurdles and pitfalls of planetary history. The major requirement for the evolution or advancement of the spirit in the latter book seems to be unshakable faith. After all, the instruction book tells us “without faith it is impossible to please Him”. That faith must be maintained while also experiencing the same difficulties as are the Darwinian subjects plus the buffeting of a spiritual adversary.

Some Darwinian species made it to this stage… humans, for example. Others did not… the dinosaurs.

Some human spirits will make it. Others will not.

Here one might raise a point of curiosity.

Did God envelop all these human spirits (since Creation) in fallible and deteriorating flesh and bone in order to refine multitudes of spirits who would spend eternity praising Him?

Praise be to Yahweh if that indeed be the sole purpose…. But he had already made it clear that he could cause even the rocks to do that.

Therefore, it is likely that the mind of man can not yet imagine the activity of the spirit at the next level of consciousness.

It should be with a bit of excited anticipation that the answer is to be apprehended.

A “parable” from a Fellowship of Christian Athletes publication long, long ago:

Jesus was coaching a football team in the Game of Life. This was a continuing game with each player given an amount of playing time. A certain player was nearing the end of his fourth quarter. He had experienced many successful plays, but he had also been knocked down many times and had suffered many physical and emotional losses. Through all of this, good times and bad, the player had clung to the promises of Jesus. Once more the player had been knocked down and, from the fatigue of the experiences, did not think he could pull himself up again. Suddenly, The Coach was there beside him and said,

“Son, look. Look at the scoreboard. The final score is there, and you have won. Just get up and finish your playing time.”


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