Last S & T – Bibliography + (1 – 8)

Bibliography of Last Sharing and Testament

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Webster’s 1828 Online Dictionary

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From Colony to Superpower U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1776 – (edited by) George C. Herring

Information shared from any of these sources will not necessarily be so noted because this Last Sharing and Testament is not a book… It’s a blog. If information that did not come from some of these sources is shared, I will endeavor to indicate.

Reemphasizing, the main purpose of this effort is to encourage people to take a deep breath — allow emotions to coast in neutral —- be willing to accept truth that seems sometimes good and sometimes bad — realize the finality of what “was” … was — Then use that knowledge of the truth to help make what “is” … better.

Let’s begin the sharing with something that should be very simple and related to one of the contentions of current times.

  1. There was once a war in North America between twenty three states (eventually twenty six by the conclusion of the war) versus eleven states. Well, the CSA claimed 13, but the Union military overran Kentucky and Missouri when they claimed to be neutral, and parts of the states then “joined the CSA”. The war lasted about four years.
  2. We have been taught to call this war the Civil War. It was not. It was no more a civil war than the one that officially began in 1776.
  3. A civil war is waged between two factions to determine which will control a single government. Robert E. Lee no more wanted to set up his government in Washington than George Washington wished to establish a government in London.
  4. A more appropriate term might be the War for Southern Independence.
  5. The twenty six United States won. That’s truthful history.
  6. This twisting of terminology may have had an insidious origin, or it may have just been a careless application of semantics. Other than possibly creating some kind of subliminal basis for a false narrative … Big Whoop… “no big deal”.
  7. However, there are other areas where our lack of knowledge of accurate understanding of words is very dangerous.
  8. We’ll deal with some examples of that later, but I do reserve the privilege of returning to the time period of this topic.

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