Last Sharing & Testament – (29 – 45)

Bye and bye, readers will understand the concern about this topic. It is not just a matter of semantics.

  1.  Information we receive is the preponderant factor in guiding our beliefs, emotions and actions.
  2.  Aside from anecdotal personal experiences, written and spoken words are the chief transmitters of information. We receive those words from schools, media, individuals and various books and records.
  3.  Unfortunately for the current generation of Americans, notable amounts of authentic information have been omitted or obfuscated while significant false information has become ingrained in our beliefs.
  4.  One such fallacy is that our form of government is a “democracy”.
  5.  “Democracy” is not found in the U.S. Constitution. That form of government was not suggested by any member of the Constitutional Convention.
  6.  During three plus months, working six days a week, the learned framers had examined the history of all known forms of ancient and then current governments. To the founders,“Democracy” was somewhat of a curse word.
  7.  James Madison, acknowledged as the Chief Architect of the Constitution, described democracies: “…. such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or rights of property”.
  8.  During the ratification debates, Fisher Ames (enrolled in Harvard at age 12, graduated at 16) opined, “A democracy is a volcano which conceals the fiery elements of its own destruction”.
  9.  In short, an appropriate description of a democracy is the old expression, “two wolves and a sheep voting to decide what they will eat for dinner”.
  10.  In spite of these truths, the general public, educators, legislators, foreign entities and even some of our presidents have extolled our “democratic constitution”. This is undoubtedly attributable to #31.
  11.  What was established by our constitution was a republican form of government, and the federal government is constitutionally required to guarantee such a form to every state in the union.
  12.  The structure of our government sought to inhibit the evils of two extremes, those being ……. (a) autocratic rule of a few people over all people and….. (b) mob rule over the lesser number.
  13.  In a nut shell, our government was formed as follows:
  14. (42) The House of Representatives is designed to represent the “democratic” voice of the people because each member is elected by, and therefore responsible to, the people of that district.
  15.  The Senate was to represent the interests of the state governments by being appointed through the state legislatures, whose members were to be elected by the people of each state. Unfortunately, that was changed by the 17th Amendment… We will address that later.
  16.  The president is elected by a combination of voices of the people and the interests of the states. Specifically, each state is apportioned a number of ballots equal to the total number of their members of Congress. This reduces the effect of a few populous states dominating the many.
  17.  All of this has been offered in preparation for what is next to be shared…. It will be more than a little significant regarding the current (September, 2017) state of the U.S.A.

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