LS & T (76 – 87)

  1. Realizing the existence of forces seeking world wide domination today, we look around us and see the tool of socialist/communist philosophy being used to accomplish that purpose in the United States.
  2. Because American culture and the U.S. Constitution are impediments to global domination by a central authority, they have been under attack for many decades.
  3. Probably the primary reason the usurpers have achieved measures of success lies at the feet of American education systems.
  4. Whether unknowingly or insidiously, there have been glaring omissions and obfuscations of historical records for decades.
  5. Sadly, when shown the truth, many “educators” cover their eyes, ears and mouths.
  6. There can be only three alternatives to explain this reaction by the educators:
  7. (a) They fear negative personal consequences if they inform students of the truth.
  8. (b) They reject the truth because of their own previous indoctrination.
  9. (c) They intend to be among the attackers as active participants or support those efforts by their vapid unconcern.
  10. One objective (as noted in #59) of those who are attacking the fundamental features of America is to end the practice of religion.
  11. The measures of the assailants have prospered in producing an uninformed populace regarding the prominent position that religion, and seemingly miraculous coincidences, occupied during the establishment of the U.S.A.
  12. My children and friends, I do not wish to leave you unaware of those notable characteristics contained in the history of our founding.

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