LS & T – (88 – 96) God’s USA, Cont.


  1. When any examination of history is initiated, the investigator will probably assess information with respect to previous understanding and personal persuasions.
  2. “Critical thinking” is encouraged in America’s schools, but history students have been offered limited and sometimes twisted information from which to form a valid basis for that exercise.
  3. The result of #89 is that people arrive at the level of adulthood believing themselves to be “educated” but are sometimes actually more susceptible to cunning manipulation.
  4. There are those who are of the opinion that the founding of the U.S.A. was made possible through the influence of a supernatural, superintending entity, and others hold a strong view in opposition to that belief.
  5. The existence of those polar opposite persuasions is quite benign in the realm of hypothetical discussion. The danger of this division of thought becomes manifest when one proponent seeks the force of arms to impose their position upon the other.
  6. This area of sharing is approached from the proposition that a broad exploration of historical records will strongly support the former view expressed in #91.
  7. Delving into the millennia preceding the “discovery of the New World” by Columbus, there can be found interesting information (and speculation) regarding lost civilizations such as the Olmecs and extending into the remnants of the Mayan and Aztec cultures as well as what we know as the American Indian nations. These are considered as cultures indigenous to the Americas.
  8. The footprints of the Chinese and the Vikings can also be found but would lack relevance except to point out that, for whatever the reasons, no permanent settlements were established.
  9. With the stage of history being set, and Columbus’ voyage underway, the events and individuals that effected the establishment of the USA should be ripe for consideration.

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