LS & T – (97 – 116)

97. Columbus’ “discovery” of the New World in 1492 laid claim of “ownership” of much of the New World for Spain with little neighbor Portugal following suit.

98. Concerted efforts of occupation by the Dutch and French proceeded at a much less vigorous pace, and, as luck would have it, other world events served to dominate the interest exercised by the English Crown. Again, as luck would have it, it was the development of stock company capitalism, not the Crown, that got that ball rolling.

99. Any position expressing the view that God had a finger in the European occupation of the Americas in general, and the establishment of the USA in particular, begs the answer to a few questions.

100. A couple of questions are, (a) “If God had a hand in it, why did the Europeans do so many bad things?”, and (b) “Why would God care about where people went?”.

101. Responding to the first question, human history since Eden clearly shows us that mankind has always carried within itself a propensity for bad behavior.

102. The Europeans brought some of those behaviors with them and found the occupants of the new land to be practicing their own versions of brotherly love.

103. Acknowledging items #101 and #102, God has always operated with the available talent to achieve His objectives. That is to say that there have never been any perfect people around to move God’s plan along, so He just uses some of the tainted ones, eg. King David and Cyrus the Great.

104. The answer to the second question in item #100 is simple. Matthew 28:19-20.

105. Matt 28: 19-20 exhorts the followers to – “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them all things whatsoever I have commanded you….”

106. It should be instructive to consider the historical significance and the Providential use of the normal course of human events related to item #105.

107. Jesus gave His followers the Great Commission about the year 39 AD, and those devoted to Him did the best they could with the existing modes of travel and communication.

108. Fast forward about 1460 years to the time when the Christian gospel was beginning to be declared in the Western Hemisphere.

109. During the ensuing 100 years, the message of the cross was delivered over a large part of the Americas by Catholic priests in the wake of the Spanish and Portuguese “conquistadors”.

110. That the message of the cross was being shared through the Catholic clergy was a good thing, but since they were about the only ones who possessed and could read and expound on the Latin language scriptural records, the New World was receiving the Word through a somewhat narrow funnel.

111. (Edited). The Church at Rome, which held sway over most of western Europe’s monarchies, aggressively resisted scriptural translations that were being written for the use of the common folk. So much so that Tyndale was caught and executed for circulating his work.

112. (Edited) During the mid 1500s, the Protestant Geneva Bible was printed. Although ceasing publication in 1644, it had become the bridge to American Protestant evangelism.

113. (Edited) Historian Winston Churchill opined that the English speaking common people of 1600 had no complete and prevailing authoritative text for use in their efforts to honor the Great Commission expressed in item #105.

114. (Edited) In 1604, King James of England authorized the organization of six committees of scholars and divines from Oxford, Cambridge and Westminster to produce an English translation of the earliest known scriptural records from the Hebrew, Greek , Aramaic and Latin languages. The results of the project were published by the Kings Press in 1611.

115. As luck would have it, that same King James oppressed a group of spiritually motivated Protestants because they would not conform to the “religious doctrines” of the Anglican Church.

116. Again, as luck would have it, a group of oppressed Pilgrims, with their Geneva Bibles in hand, were blown off course while seeking relief from that oppression and dropped anchor in Cape Cod Bay near Plymouth Rock in 1620.


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