LS & T (130 – 141) God’s USA, Cont.

130. Any full discussion of a supernatural superintending rationality being involved in the establishment of the USA would have to reach farther into the history of the world than is intended here. I would not hope to grapple with such a task.

131. With that said, if we are to even consider the possibility of the European’s colonizing their newly found “New World”, the indigenous occupants would have had to lack the advanced weaponry necessary to repel the invaders. As luck would have it, that was the case.

132. Suffice this item to point out one event that, as luck would have it, could have forever eliminated the existence of such places known as New England and Virginia.

133. In brevity, we see that the late 1500s found mortal enemies, Spain and England, engaged in Catholic and Anglican quarrels as well as Spain suffering English raids on their New World treasure ships. An invasion was planned to begin the subjugation of the island.

134. Spain launched their famous armada of 120 ships with more than 30,000 men to cross the narrow English Channel. Sparing lengthy details, as luck would have it, adverse winds repeatedly aided the English navy in the channel, and the wind itself eventually decimated the armada. The effort was never again attempted.

135. Placing due emphasis on the defeat of the Spanish Armada, there are several things that must be acknowledged as strong probabilities if the invasion had succeeded. England would not have been an independent country 12 years after the invasion. There would not have been a King James of England. There would not have been a King James Version of the Bible. The animus between Catholic Spain and Protestant churches was so strong that the latter would have been driven “underground”. No capitalist would have been allowed to finance Protestant migrations to the Americas. As noted in #132, there would have never been a section of the New World known as New England or Virginia.

136. The English speaking people were “Johnny Come Lately’s” in the New World colonization game. As luck would have it, the 100 years of the 1500’s found other Europeans exploring, colonizing and profiting while England was distracted by royal intrigues, conflicts with the Scots and Irish, wars on the continent, threats of invasion and religious upheavals as Anglicans broke with the Church at Rome.

137. As luck would have it, when the English speaking people, not the crown, did get around to seeking a new environment, choices of landing a ship in the Western Hemisphere were quite limited.

138. As luck would have it, a colonial map of the Americas in the year 1600 would show that Spain, Portugal, France and the Dutch combined to occupy or claim almost all of the eastern coastlines.

139. The forbidden area for English landings, without including armed forces to contend with the other Europeans, extended from the southern tip of South America northward to the coast near French Quebec ………..except for one small strip. As luck would have it, that small strip of coastline available to the English began near the northern border of what is currently the state of Maine and traced southward to the northern border of what was known as Spanish Florida.

140. The various theories of why Spain did not claim all of the North American coast for themselves in the 1490s, or later, have become mental exercises for intellectuals. No matter what the reasons, as luck would have it, that area appears to have been improbably labeled, “reserved seating”, for a people with a strain of Protestant evangelism and possessing the message of the cross in their hands. Had the English engaged in colonization 100 years earlier, the colonists would have arrived with very different views of civil government and religion.

141. Regarding the sharing of these particular kinds of testaments, as the song of a recent era says, “We’ve only just begun…”


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