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LS & T (155 -164) God’s America, Cont.

155. General Howe defeated Washington’s forces in battle and was in pursuit as they were forced toward the tip of Long Island. Then, as luck would have it, a brilliantly simple plan to crush the rebellion, with minimal British casualties, … Continue reading

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LS & T (142 – 154) God’s USA, Cont.

A wee reminder: Small libraries of volumes may have been published regarding any one of these LS & T items that I am hoping to share with my children, grands & greats, and friends. However, each one is offered as … Continue reading

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FakeNews? Maybe Not. Manipulated? Yes.

4 hrs ยท I just have to do this now because of today’s Bryan, Texas newspaper, The Eagle. The op ed page was covered by opinions from a California newspaper, a Washington DC news source, The Eagle Editorial Board and … Continue reading

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