LS & T (142 – 154) God’s USA, Cont.

A wee reminder:

Small libraries of volumes may have been published regarding any one of these LS & T items that I am hoping to share with my children, grands & greats, and friends. However, each one is offered as a truth or personal testament that can stand alone.

These particular items are a continuation of support for the belief that a superior rationality, that we call God, established the USA. The use of satire continues to be employed.

142. As luck would have it, by 1600 AD, the only remaining unclaimed coastal area in the western hemisphere for evangelical Protestant people to occupy…….. also represented the foothold for the only land south of Canada that was to become a single country with thousands of miles of east to west territory, thousands of rivers and access to both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

143. As luck would have it, due to the events that served to occupy the interests of the British government, as opposed to the other Europeans, something unique in all of human history was allowed to occur.

144. The lack of concern for central control regarding their American colonies could have allowed a number of societal cultures to have developed. But, as luck would have it, two very unique features were to become ingrained in the colonial psyche. For some 100 years, the people began to experience an unaccustomed degree of ability to govern themselves. The ideal itself has served to provide greater participation in that governance. As for religion, the various Christian sects had found a land where none exercised dominion over all others.

145. This air of relaxed governmental control prevailed until comfortably into the 1700’s. Bye and bye, the mother country began to engage in what the colonists called coercive acts of the English Parliament (such as those enumerated in the US Declaration of Independence). This brought about the unauthorized organization of what the colonists called the Continental Congress. Some representatives supported efforts to mollify the problems with the British, while others were disposed to be more aggressive.

146. Although the minds of many people (mine included) gloss over at the mention of large numbers of historical dates, I believe it to be instructive to consider a brief timeline for the purpose of setting up what is to come.

147. September, 1774 – Continental Congress established

148. April, 1775 – Violent conflicts at Lexington and Concord

149. July, 1775 – Continental Congress established an army, under George Washington, for defensive purposes

150. July, 1776 – Several battles had been engaged, and the Declaration of Independence signed

151 August, 1776 – Attempting to prevent British establishment of permanent control of the Hudson River Valley at NY City, Washington encamped on Long Island with a reported force of less than 10,000

152. Until that date, as luck would have it, Britain had made little effort to deploy overwhelming force to crush the rebels. That changed.

153. Under the command of General William Howe was assembled a military land force of 30,000 or more. Howe’s forces were complemented by his brother Admiral Richard Howe’s reported 50 or more warships and 100 or more support vessels. The rebellious “Declaration of Independence” was about to be nullified less than two months after the signing.

154. No, the conspicuous “hand of Providence” was about to become manifest.


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