L S & T (238 – 251)

238. In my list of American evangelical efforts (#118 – #128), a notable group of private business men and their wives was omitted. The Gideons International organization,established in 1889, has been providing free Bibles and New Testaments in over 100 languages throughout the world. More than two billion have been donated, and they are well on their way to the third billion. Somewhere in my elementary years, a small Gideon New Testament became my only personal scripture until reaching adulthood.

239. My children and friends, many of the preceding items (#1 – #238) have contained information and details to which I was never exposed during any “formal” educational experience. Only personal searches of documented records revealed what I now repeatedly note as omissions and obfuscations. Consequently, I continue (so long as God allows) my efforts to share information and persuasions for your consideration and benefit.

240. Time must be taken here to note that the terms, “ignorant” and “ignorance” will be used now and then as more is shared. In such cases, the meanings will only refer to an absence of information. This is pursuant to Thomas Jefferson’s warning: “ If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be”.

241. It is important to hold fast to the conviction that truths of the past are instructive to the decisions of today, and the decisions of today determine results in the future.

242. As this is being shared in the year 2018, I am strongly persuaded that the omission, twisting and slighting of truths, and the significance thereof, has contributed to the state of philosophical conflict from which our country now suffers. This failure to impart more complete and truthful information has resulted in a populace that, while believing itself to be “educated”, is actually more susceptible to emotional manipulation that is directed toward societal divisiveness.

243. Short of military conquest, there is only one way to be successful in a quest for power over the people of the USA. Raising generations of Americans who are ignorant of truthful information is essential for such an objective. I sincerely pray that these L S & Ts will prosper progeny.

244. Make no mistake about it, there are forces that have been determined to destroy our form of government and our culture for many years. Part of that plan, directed specifically toward America, was put to paper a mere 58 years after the ratification of our constitution. Suffice it now to note that many objectives in that plan are currently exercised in the US.

245. Let us reason together as we note that one popular weapon of denigration used on the minds of Americans is the illumination of the evil (note use of an adjective) deeds of the white (adjective #2) European (third adjective) invaders. Well, there is some truth in that statement.. but ….. our educators and historians, from K through graduate studies & beyond, seem to have deemed it unnecessary to emphasize the historical prevalence of those evil behaviors among all cultures, races and nations.

246. As far as many of the young people of our day know, the Europeans were the most egregious practitioners of such actions as they invaded the lands of the peaceful indigenous occupants, and therefore anything they did thereafter must have been evil.

247. It is within the carnal nature of humans to seek what they want.

248. If the degree of human covetousness was powerful enough for those who coveted to take from those who possessed, the result was determined by the comparative might or cunning of the two antagonists.

249. The Persians … the Mongols … the Greeks … the Muslims … the Romans … the Egyptians … the Turks … the North American Indian tribes … the Aztecs … the Incas … the African kings … the Ming Dynasties …….. and … yes … the Western European countries …….. all took what land they wanted …… if they were able to do so……… It is here acknowledged that quite a few other historical entities qualify for the list, but, with levity, I trust they shan’t be offended by their omission.

250. Only ignorance or malicious intent can be the motivation for the manipulators’ emotional charge of evil Europeans attacking the noble and peaceful inhabitants of the continent. The evidence of inter tribal conflicts and barbaric slaughters among the native Americans abounds. One Harvard researcher expressed the truth of native American tranquility in this manner, “The dogs of war were seldom on leash”.

251. The essence of these particular bits of information is that a truly informed person could have several responses for those who seek to manipulate minds by castigating the Anglos who landed on the east coast of North America in the 1600s….. One response might be as simple as, “If your critique of the people who founded America is of such importance, why should I not dislike and distrust all races and cultures?”.


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