L S & T (252 -257) Revisit Preamble

252. The preamble to these L S & Ts was provided in the beginning and included circumstances that served as some of the seeds for the undertaking. It will probably be a bit helpful to reproduce it at this time.

253. Preamble:

The ground I’m going to plow here in these LS & Ts (if the Lord be so willing) is based on love… love of my children…. grands and great grands… all other relatives … my friends (of all sizes, shapes and colors)… and my country.


From time to time, some readers may become emotionally charged, so, a bit of personal stuff in one particular area needs to be addressed.

Born in the 1930s.

Early elementary age, was aware of segregated society but didn’t know why. Gave it little thought.

About that time, saw an adult throw a stick of wood into the windshield of some black folks. Didn’t know why & was a little scared.

Early teen years, we built a ball field in a pasture. Some black kids showed up & we played. After a couple of times they didn’t show up any more. Didn’t know why, cause it had been ok with me.

Summer before senior year, had part time job working for a building contractor. Most of the men were black. Ok w/me. We unloaded cement sacks from box cars & shoveled sand and gravel into the mixer. Drank cold water from the lid of the cooler with the black guys. Ok with me. Just a minor thought, don’t recall an F bomb coming from any of them.

Fast forward to coaching career and the time of early integration. Some guys came from Lincoln during the “freedom of choice” period & all were good kids. The spring before total integration was going into effect, a plan of mine designed to lessen any kind of culture shock caused a problem. The black coach, who had become a friend, and I had our track teams work out together one time. That was ok. I later invited the athletes at Lincoln to go through a little off season routine. They did, and that seemed ok.

But then I got too bold. Since (with me) spiritual things occupy a higher plateau than the natural things, I thought it would be a good idea if I invited members (black & white) of our track team to join me in visiting white and black churches on alternate Sunday’s. Some did, and that… didn’t… seem ok. I will conclude this ramble by only sharing that (with all love, respect & understanding for the people involved), my judgment of the situation made it best that I seek other employment.

All of that has been said to say this: On future dates I intend to post a “Last Sharing and Testament” of information, the omission and obfuscation of which (it is my assessment) has brought us to the sad state of affairs we are now witnessing…… And I will not respond to any remarks about an old man in fear of losing his “white privilege”.

254. There is no question in my mind that agitation of racial and religious feelings in our country has been promoted for a very long time.

255. I am also persuaded that there has been an absence of information that has served to cause many Americans to make decisions they would not have otherwise made.

256. Some of the decisions to which I refer are (a) Americans of African descent converting to Islam and (b) any American being negatively influenced by the fact that early Americans owned slaves. Facts regarding those two situations are, as are other cases, intertwined.

257. It was that bad guy (Hitler) who wrote that he had learned from the Marxists the value of appealing to the emotions of people who lacked information. He believed that building power through intellectual reasoning was of little value……. If true, for what I am about to do, I guess that leaves me on the short end of the stick.

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2 Responses to L S & T (252 -257) Revisit Preamble

  1. Bruce says:

    In my high school class of 700+ (1971) there was one black kid. Never thought anything about it other than he must have lived in the neighborhood. A few months later in the Army there were 3-5 black guys in my training platoon. It was a time of high racial tension; yet no one thought much of the fact we shared just about everything and everyone got along just fine. There isn’t much privilege for anyone crawling around in the mud and rain while you practice killing Asians. I went to work in a factory and was trained by a black guy named Henry. I counted him as a friend. One day a group of his black friends wanted to know why Henry hung out “with the white boy.” Henry, was big and powerful simply said I was his friend and they never said another word. Later I worked with numerous back people at that factory and never thought much about it. There was no white privilege; no black privilege; just people trying to make a living. MLK was clearly right when he said not to judge anyone on their skin color but by their character. Thanks for a thoughtful post.

  2. billover70 says:

    Bruce… Thanks for your comment…. May I record it and share with friends?…

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