L S & T (258 – 278) Islam/Slavery

258. Most of these L S & Ts have offered truths which were not likely to have evoked emotional responses. However, especially as we go along, that might not continue to be the case.

259. Our education systems, our news media (including today’s social media) and our historians pretty much determine what we choose to believe to be true.

260. A great deal of that which is to follow is likely to be rejected by some simply because the absence of such truth has been used to manipulate their emotions.

261. Perhaps a large number of Americans would consider modifying their beliefs concerning the Islamic conversions of Americans if so much information regarding the history of Islam had not been ignored by those who have been the sources of our knowledge.

262. During the 1960s, Americans converting to Islam became somewhat of a news item. Cassius Clay, a great professional boxer, became Muhammad Ali. Lew Alcindor, a great professional basketball player, became Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

263. Since the decade of the 1960s, Americans of African descent have quite often chosen to identify as Islamic, but I choose to believe they would not have done so if they had been aware of Islamic history.

264. From the time of Muhammad, in the mid 600s, he and those who followed him became the planet’s most continuous practitioners of slavery and dealers in the slave market. Muhammad taught Islamic beliefs in slavery almost one thousand years before the first slaves in colonial America were dropped off by the Dutch.

265. Beginning before the year 1000, Islamic slave traders ranged far and wide, by land and by sea, seeking non Muslims to be enslaved.

266. On land, men women and children of Sub-Saharan Africa were enslaved. People were enslaved where ever the forces of Islam prevailed. The Islamic empire covered all of Arabia, across North Africa, into Spain, all of the Middle East and into India.

267. Raids for booty and slaves were made by sea on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastal towns of Europe. That included the islands of Britain and Ireland.

268. Muslims established trading posts with powerful black African kings who supplied the merchandise.

269. Some African kings waged war among themselves to determine who would do business with any and all slave traders.

270. Ships of any non Islamic nation were commandeered and their cargo’s seized. The occupants were either killed, converted to Islam, enslaved or held for ransom.

271. During the 1700’s, some religious clerics and activists began to seek the abolition of slavery. None of them were Muslims.

272. When the British became the only sea power on the planet to begin enforcing the ban on the trans Atlantic slave trade, they encountered converted black Africans who believed that their religion commanded them to enslave non believers, regardless of their commonality of race.

273. The 13th Amendment (1865) to the US Constitution abolished and outlawed slavery in the US. However, more than half of the world’s population remained in countries that practiced slavery. All of the Islamic countries were included in that group.

274. It was only after 1940 that Islamic countries began to abolish and outlaw slavery. That list includes Morocco, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Mauritania.

275. Niger and Mauritania did not actually make slavery unlawful until 2003 and 2007, respectively.

276. A novice’s command of what I call the Ethereal Library will reveal a number of Islamic countries wherein there are government permitted forms of slavery today.

277. It is curious that Americans seem to be obsessed with their past sin of slavery, covering about 260 years, while ignoring the Islamic record of more than 1300 years.

278. If all of the information above was common knowledge, and there still remained Americans who were persuaded that resentments and current decisions should be based on evils of the past, it totally escapes my reasoning that they would turn to Islam as salve for their intellectual wounds.


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