L S & T (279 – 300) Lincoln

279.   I have shared, and will and continue to note, what I believe to be one of life’s valuable lessons: What was…. was….. What is… is … and…. Seek to use the truth of the two to make what will be…. better.

280.   My personal interest in historical events has resulted in disbelief of some reporting and the discovery of omitted and perhaps manipulated records of others. That interest ranges from records of the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the school textbooks of today.

281.   In order to illustrate the magnitude and seriousness of omitted information, I will share and document that which altered a once firmly held opinion of my own. The fact that these records have existed for well over 100 years, without becoming common knowledge, brings to mind George Orwell’s novel, 1984. Therein, the entire society of Earth was controlled through the information furnished by the Ministry of Truth.

282.   For all children and friends who may read this sharing shortly after its posting, there is no intention whatsoever to support or attack any of the emotionally charged issues in the current state of affairs in our country. The sharing is only to illustrate the effectiveness of manipulated facts.

283.   Once upon a time, if asked my ranking of the three most admirable presidents of the USA, my immediate response would have been: “Washington, Lincoln and whoever”. Not so, anymore.

284.   Every available record confirms Abraham Lincoln’s adamant opposition to the institution of slavery…..But…. His equally adamant negative opinions of the black race and his preference to live separately from them have been essentially hidden from modern generations.

To wit:

285.   Lincoln believed the white race to be superior to the black.

286.   Lincoln believed an unavoidable association of the two races must necessitate the dominate position belonging to the white over the black.

287.   Lincoln believed Negroes should not be allowed to serve in any elected office.

288.   Lincoln believed believed Negroes should not be allowed to serve on juries.

289.   Lincoln believed Negroes should not be allowed to vote.

290.   Lincoln believed Negroes should not be allowed to marry whites.

291.   Lincoln remarked that he would be opposed to his home state granting citizenship to Negroes.

292.   Lincoln convened a group of free black leaders in an attempt to gain their support for mass exportation of blacks as colonists to Central American countries and Caribbean Islands. Abe told the leaders the money for the project had already been appropriated…. He pointed out that blacks and whites could not function well in the same society. They did not think much of the recommendation.

293.   Lincoln wrote to the New York Tribune’s founding editor, Horace Greeley, that his only concern about freeing slaves depended upon whether it would help “save the Union”, that is, win the war.

294.   September13, 1862, Lincoln proclaimed the futility of a presidential proclamation of freedom for slaves and the undesirable possible consequence of having the slaves move north. Yet, less than four months later, he did make such a proclamation.

295.   Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation has received accolades from our educators, but it did not free many slaves…. It did proclaim freedom for slaves in states of the Confederacy …. however …. ….under the circumstances, it only gave them official permission to flee for freedom. That had always been a slave’s option.

296.   What it did do was protect the institution of slavery in any northern state that still had slaves (beginning of the war, Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland & Delaware) as well as any Confederate state that would surrender within a prescribed time. West Virginia was even allowed to enter the union as a slave state several months after the Proclamation (but that is a “whole nother story”).

297.   When the war ended, slavery was still constitutionally legal and not abolished by the constitution until December of 1865. I decline to speculate as to Lincoln’s speculated results that were to have been achieved by his Proclamation.

298.   Perhaps it may be well, here, to refer to #179 through #182.

299.   Children (of which the great grands are becoming numerous) and friends, I continue to press on with the intent that you may not be ignorant of truth, the absence of which can be fashioned into false narratives whereby you may be led into unwise opinions and actions.

300.   The documentation regarding the preceding items, as promised in #281, is to follow. This will be done with the knowledge that extensive reading in the age of twitter will require purposed attention.


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