L S & T (307 – 340) Bare Bones of Faith

With a slight bit of pressing concern, this sharing is done with the current number of grands and great grands (16) in mind. That is, for their consideration upon reaching an appropriate age.

  1. All who are capable of doing so will eventually form some kind of opinion concerning the unprovable existence of a superior rationality in the universe, even if it is denial. Perhaps everyone would profit by organizing their own resolution of that matter.
  1. Herein is shared a testament of the “bare bones” of Old Bill’s personal belief.


  1. God is !
  2. God is an entity that transcends time and space as they are understood by humans.
  3. God possesses an omnipotent, omniscient omnipresence that is to the things of our known universe as the salt water of our oceans is to the creatures therein.
  4. Humans possess a consciousness which bears some minute similarity to that of God.
  5. The essence of God consists of three expressions, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This might be understood loosely as how we see the combination of atoms comprising water. Even though we cannot see the atoms with our eyes, they are visible to us in the forms of water, ice and clouds. They are all “water”.
  6. The man we call Jesus of Nazareth was God on this planet, and the uniting of our consciousness with that of God depends upon what we do with that Jesus.
  7. It is recorded that God’s ways and understanding are as high above ours as the heavens above the earth.
  8. God must reason with us in a manner that is within the scope of our understanding at that particular time in history (called divine accommodation).
  9. We must reason with each other by revealing our thoughts in the form of expressions we call words that are spoken, written or demonstrated.
  10. The man we call “Jesus” in the English language taught and demonstrated the perfection of God in human flesh. The audible expressions of his name would obviously vary in other languages. Be not concerned… God is multilingual.
  11. Jesus has therefore been called the Word of God.

Why Would God Intend For Jesus To Die?:
321. God has chosen to test humans by their degree of belief in him through things they do not actually see.

  1. Normal human instinct and love would suggest giving one’s own life to prevent the death of his or her own child.
  2. Further, no one with normal instincts would ask their child to suffer merciless beating and go to certain death for the sake of other people.
  3. If humans will not receive the depth of love involved in such a sacrifice (His love is greater than the strongest human love), then nothing will reach their understanding.
  4. Hence: John 3:16 removes all human failings as impediments to the union of man and God.

The Man Who Faced The Ordeal
326. The man, Jesus, was the consciousness of God arriving on the stage of history in a tent of human flesh.

  1. His arrival had been prophesied and foreshadowed for thousands of years.
  2. He was subject to love, grief, joy, sadness, hunger, thirst, pain and all other human conditions and feelings.
  3. Repeating that he was the Word of God , he taught and demonstrated the perfection of God.
  4. In spite of #328, Jesus resisted not the evil of undeserved pain and death because his purpose was to provide the Romans 10:9-10 path to that union with God.

Logical Reasoning For Christian Belief

  1. The “startling alternatives” expressed by C.S. Lewis and expounded by Dr. Eugene Scott provide a logical person with a basis for belief in something that cannot be currently witnessed.
  2. That is, the reported words of Jesus forces one to choose whether he was a fraud, mentally deranged, or who he said he was….. the Son of God….. representing the only way to an eternal existence with God.
  3. The disciples who received this teaching and witnessed the miracles obviously remained less than convinced because they feared for their own safety when they saw Jesus captured, beaten and crucified.
  4. A sudden cataclysmic change in their behavior, which the disciples claimed to be the result of witnessing the risen Christ, led to their willingness to suffer horrible lonely deaths because they preached Jesus’ resurrection and teachings in far flung regions of the world that were within their reach.
  5. Here again, as did Jesus, we see the willingness to submit to the ultimate sacrifice as proof of incontrovertible belief.

The Rock… (This differs significantly from accepted theology)

336.The faith of all Christians will be subject to the challenges of human imperfections, natural calamities, spiritual oppression and atheistic attacks involving scriptural records. These last may be related to that divine accommodation, allegorical expressions or conflicts in the reporting of peripheral events.

  1. Among the metaphorical hurdles in #336 and the various doctrines and rituals that have been established by man, there stands a rock which remains eternally solid.
  2. It is written that Jesus asked, ” Whom say you that I am?”, and Peter replied, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God ” to which Jesus responded, “…flesh and blood has not revealed it unto you, but my Father which is in heaven…you are Peter, and upon this rock (I am persuaded that the truth of the statement of Peter was to be the rock, not a man) I will build my church” (The church is Jesus’ body of believers, not a building or an organization ).
  3. It is this belief, confirmed through a sincere expression of Romans 10: 9-10, that furnishes the foundation from which can be initiated a continually developing relationship with God.
  4. This current state of existence is not a perfect land. It is more like a testing ground with all the pitfalls of life as well as contentions with a spiritual adversary. Complete understanding is beyond us until “we will know as we are known”.



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