L S & T (353 – 368) Communist History/USA

353. At this particular point in history, the wisdom of God’s warning to the prophet Hosea remains relevant: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”.

354. A clear and present danger to our country was originally shared some time ago in the form of LS&T # 46 – #75. While avoiding repetition of all those items, revisiting some, and  expanding  historical context should serve to enhance understanding.

355. Those who would seek power over Americans today are currently unable to accomplish their objective by use of force without risk of mutual destruction.

356 Absent that option of violence, the modern path to domination has been directed at the emotions of indoctrinated masses.

357. For the past 200 plus years elements of communism, socialism, fascism and democracy have all been employed to achieve that indoctrination. Those efforts have always… always… resulted in more and more centralized control over the normal course of events in the lives of the populace.

358. The utopian dream of “all things” needed or desired being fairly distributed by a controlling entity is an intoxicating lure to those who can be influenced to believe themselves to be victims of others who “have more”.

359. Thoughts of communal sharing have been around for many centuries. However, it was Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels who formulated a plan of government designed for equal sharing of property among the world’s societies. The plan was described by Engels as the Principles of Communism in 1847.

360. Even though our country had existed under its constitution for less than 60 years, Engels considered the USA a threat to their plans. He specifically described the methods to achieve our defeat as well as those of the thousand year old European countries.

361. The steady growth of that promised land philosophy began in Russia and spread to what became known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

362. The first conclave to train international leaders in the spreading of communism was convened in 1864 and was sparsely attended.

363. The Hague was the site of a second international communist orginazing meeting in 1872. Disputes arose over who was to be the director of implementing the plan, and Marx moved his efforts to New York City.

364. Americans of the 1870s did not look favorably upon the ideals of communism, and Marx returned to Europe. But the seed had been dropped, and “socialist” organizations began to be developed with emphasis on “class struggle” as an effective tool for indoctrination.

365. By 1936, the meetings and their organization had been named the Communist International, or Comintern, and Americans comprised about half of the 6000 attendees.

366. Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Pol Pot (Cambodia) and Mao Zedong (China) received their training through the Comintern. Those leaders and Russia’s Lennin and Stalin eventually killed or imprisoned millions upon millions of their own people to establish and maintain their “utopian” dreams…… None of their governments were identical. Their appeals of equality and security were just paths to power.

367. A time line sketch may be helpful:

a. 1840s – Principles of Communism

b.1860s – International efforts to spread communism

c. 1870s – Communist theory unpopular in USA

d. 1910s – Communists rule by violence in Russia

e 1930s – Americans represent about half of the attendees at the Comintern

f. 1920s and forward – People warned, and continued warning, of communist sympathizer infiltration of American institutions. Those who understood the danger were labled “alarmists”, deserving of criticisim, ridicule and lampooning. The presence of the elephant in the room continues to be denied, even when it has become self evident.

g. 1960s – African students attending American universities returned home, grounded in Marxist theory. Lure of the benign and compassionate features of the philosophy found strong approval among a significant number of Catholic clergy in Central and South America.

h. 1980s – The presence and acceptance of Marxist university professors became so well known that a future president of the US freely published his desire for their association.

368. Considering this background, Americans really need to understand the specifics of the threat to their country.


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