L S & T (432 – 444) History of Slavery

432. If we are to regard ourselves as intellectually informed concerning the institution of slavery, we would certainly want to possess, at minimum, a microscopic awareness of its history. Knowledge provides the opportunity to be intellectually independent; Absent knowledge, we become mentally subservient to someone else.

433. The presence of enslaved people seems to have been the accepted norm throughout human history.

434. The discovery of prehistoric graves in Lower Egypt has indicated enslavement of Negrito tribes as early as 8000 BC.

435. Slave labor was used in the construction of a giant hydraulic system in China about 3000 BC.

436. Even though some modern scholars have used interpretations of words to minimize the existence of slavery in ancient India, the acknowledgement  of people who were compelled to be in the service of others is common. Other scholars are not hesitant to mention the procreative services of women.

437. Around 1750 BC, the Babylonian king Hammurabi set forth laws by which people were required to live. Included was a penalty of death for anyone aiding in the escape of a slave

438. In Biblical times, prior to the birth of Christ, large numbers of all twelve tribes of Israel were carried away into slavery. Members of ten of those tribes have been lost to history.

439. Over 300 years before the time of Jesus, the philosopher Aristotle contemplated human history as well as philosophy. He also observed contemporary human behavior, and one of his conclusions was, “Humanity is divided into two: the masters and the slaves”.

440. Muslims had conquered much of Spain 400 years before the first Christian Crusade was launched, and a Caliph in Cardoba is reputed to have had an army composed of 60,000 Slavs, Frenchmen and Germans. They were forced to kill enemies of the Caliph or be killed.

441. The Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Indians, Western Europeans, Russians, Arabic cultures and Romans practiced slavery.

442. The native tribes of North America, Central America, South America and Sub-Sahara Africa practiced slavery.

443. Closing as we began in #433, there is a blanket statement that is secure in its veracity…….. Members of all races and cultures have suffered in slavery…….. and all races and cultures have been guilty of enslaving others.

444. Before continuing to #445, please take a few moments to understand the gravity of the few preceding items of history……. Try to imagine the billions of people who have suffered fear, degradation, physical torment and death over the thousands of years slavery has been a practice of human behavior.

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