L S & T (445 – 467) Evils of Slavery

445. The previous items of history clearly confirm that white settlers of America did not invent the institution of slavery, and the people of the black race are not alone in their suffering under that evil.

446. Candidly, and without reservation, my persuasion is that the institution and its practices have been the result of Satanic influence upon the carnal weaknesses of the human race.

447. Satan has always cultivated the nature of man to turn from God.

448. Jesus gave us the often difficult assignment of loving others as ourselves, and Satan has rejoiced in promoting conflicts of brother against brother.

449. Satan is the personification of evil.

450. There is evil in all facets of slavery.

451. Truthful history has furnished many examples.

452. Forcing people into roles of mortal combat was evil.

453. Forcing people to live as heterosexual and homosexual prostitutes was evil.

454. Forcing women and children of a conquered foe to become the personal property of the conquers was evil.

455. Forcing kidnapped women to become “wives” for the purpose of procreation was evil.

456. Forcing people to work in the cotton fields, tobacco fields and homes of the USA was evil.

457. Forcing people to work in the mineral mines and sugar cane fields of Central America, South America and the Caribbean Islands was evil.

458. Resistance to the education of slaves was evil.

459. Breeding slaves as though they were cattle was evil.

460. Kidnapping people for the purpose of human sacrifice to “gods” was evil.

461. Kidnapping people for the purpose of selling them into slavery was evil.

462. Maintaining slave trading markets and ports was evil.

463. Transporting people to be sold into slavery was evil.

464. Government and “church” authorization of slavery was evil.

465. As we continue, there is a high degree of probability that other such evils will come to light.

466. Some of these are exercised today. For reasons unknown, if reported at all, they are most often addressed as “crimes” with little suggestion as being a continuation of slavery.

467. The next objective of these L S & Ts is to visit historical information that more directly addresses the knowledge gaps contributing to the effectiveness of he who would divide the people of our country.

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