L S & T (468 – 487) Revisit Islamic Slavery

468. Satan will use anything that promotes divisiveness among the American people.

469. One such tool is the lack of knowledge of Islamic history.

470. Christianity and Islam are eternally antithetical as can be demonstrated by simply comparing the two “founders”.

471. There is much to share concerning the faith of Muslims, but these comparisons should suffice to illustrate irreconcilable differences.

472. Jesus never fielded an army. He taught the difficult goal of loving your enemy. He would not allow his followers to fight to defend him, even when the Jews came to take him to his death.

473. Muhammad commanded his army in the defeat of the Qurayzah Jews at the Battle of the Trench. That was followed by the beheading of all the surrendering male Jews above the age of puberty and the distribution of the remaining women, children and property (according to Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad’s first biographer).  He later called for, and received, volunteers to assassinate three poets who had offended him.

474. For many nomadic desert raiders, the option of submitting to the word of the Prophet and sharing in future spoils taken in conquests seemed to be a capital idea. Their numbers increased rapidly.

475. All of Arabia was conquered during the brief period of the Prophet’s leadership.

476. Following the death of Muhammad, conquests proliferated exponentially. To the east, Islam was spread to the very borders of China. Westward conversions and conquests included all of north Africa, intrusion into sub-Sahara Africa and across the Straight of Gibraltar into Spain.

477. Everywhere Islam went, conversion, death, extortion (called jizya) or enslavement were to be expected.

478. Muslims transported black slaves across the Sahara Desert 700 years before the slave ships arrived in the Americas. They were supposedly prohibited from enslaving any who had converted to Islam, but conversion after capture did not necessarily apply.

479. When the trans-Atlantic slave trade began, having long trafficked in slavery, converted black Muslims were experienced and ready to profit by capturing and transporting their black brothers and sisters to become the cargoes for European slave ships.

480. Many black rulers prospered from their commerce with the European slave traders.

481. When slaves were freed in America by ratification of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, every Islamic country in the world still participated in slavery.

482. More than a dozen Islamic countries did not abolish slavery until the twentieth century, and one of those did not actually make slavery illegal until after 2006 AD. Some  of those areas are reputed to continue the practice today.

483. In modern times, several black American Muslim leaders have openly taught divisive and virulent opinions regarding white Americans. Those opinions have used the historically true white American involvement in slavery as their germinating point.

484. Such extreme opinions have not become predominate in the US, but Satan uses them to promote the divisions that he seeks. An arsonist’s well placed and continually fanned campfire can destroy an entire forest.

485. Evidence of Satan’s effectiveness is manifested in the number of Americans of African descent who disregard Islam’s 1200 year participation in slavery and take pride in their Islamic conversion ….. while myopically focusing on the 260 year sin of white Americans. Even that 260 is not exactly true…. Until 1776, the people in question were participating in slavery as subjects of the king of England. But that is a thought to be considered later.

486. QUESTION: By what understanding can Americans of African descent be lead to look favorably upon Islam?

487. ANSWER: Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

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