L S & T (507 – 514) Trans Atlantic Slavery, Cont.

507. The number of African people eventually suffering slavery in any specific location in the western hemisphere can never be determined because of those purchased from slave owners in other areas and hundreds of years of procreation.

508. In quest of some degree of accuracy regarding the volume of Africans transported by the Atlantic slave traders, a nineteenth century guess of fifteen million prevailed as the accepted figure for a number of years.

509. Records found by subsequent investigators have produced figures ranging as low as 10,000,000 and as high as that 15,000,000.

510. The figures below reflect the conclusions of the British researcher, Hugh Thomas, who had taken years to examine previously mentioned sources and 17 efforts of other investigators. Thomas stated the obvious when writing that anyone absorbed with attempts to arrive at figures correct to the final digit would be engaged in an effort of utter futility.

Total Originating From All African Ports: 13,000,000

Record Of Slaves Arriving At Ports of Delivery:

Brazil 4,000,000

Spanish empire 2,500,000

British West Indies 2,000,000

French West Indies 1,600,000

British North America & US 500,000

Dutch West Indies 500,000

Danish West Indies 28,000

European destinations 200,000

Total 11,328,000

511. A comparison of these figures reflect the rate of en route deaths noted in #506.

512. In search of the historical villains involved in the enslavement of black Africans, let us move past, but not forget …… the thousands of years preceding 1492 wherein members of all cultures and races had been enslaved and had enslaved others.

513. There is a considerable list of the malefactors who were responsible for black Africans being taken from their villages and eventually becoming laborers in the western hemisphere:

– The Africans who captured and led the captives to the ports, tied together at their necks….

-The African rulers such as those of Ashanti, Congo, Dohomey & Loango who profited in the sale of human flesh….

-The native guards necessary to control hundreds of captives until they were moved to the ships…

-The slave ship captains & crews….

-The slave ship owners….

-The European rulers who promoted and profited from taxes on the slave sales….

-Those who approved of the trade from their positions of religious and political leadership….

-Those who were employed in Europe’s “fine financial counting houses”….

-Those who controlled the slave repositories at the destinations….

– Those who participated in the actual sales of the slaves….

-Finally, those who purchased slaves and profited from their labor….

514. Considering the information in #418 thru #514, much of which has never been shared with generations of Americans, the time has come to reasonably consider the tools of deception used by the Great Deceiver in efforts to destroy America. .

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