L S & T (515 – 540) America’s Great Sin

515. As expressed in #468, I am persuaded that Satan (the father of lies) has sought to separate mankind from God by inciting animosities.

516. Satan is currently taking much pleasure in promoting many divisions in this country that God has established (LS&T #76-#237).

517. This has been made possible by the apathy, insidious purposes or ignorance (lack of information) of those responsible for transferring information from generation to generation.

518. The lies of Satan have been so effective that social media, protest organizers and politicians promote divisive beliefs that the USA has been the preeminent offender in “400 years” of brutal slavery.

519. Anyone who knows anything regarding the 6000 year history of slavery will concur that horrible atrocities were committed through out that time period.

520. Millennia of enslavement of black Africans (and members of all other races) is a matter of historical fact.

521. In the year 1600, there was no such thing as the USA, and practically all of the world practiced slavery.

522. In the year 1700 there was still no USA. What was to become the USA was a group of British subjects who engaged in slavery with the approval of, and profit for, the king of England.

523. The British colonies had begun their use of African slaves 120 years after other European colonies in the western hemisphere.

524. The total number of African slaves delivered to ports in British North America was about one half million.

525. The number delivered to all other ports exceeded ten million.

526. In 1775, there was still no USA, and most of the world still practiced slavery.

527. In 1783, the North American colonies shed British control and were free to chart their own course, but the first attempt at confederation was ineffectual.

528. The country literally became the United States of America when the US Constitution was ratified in 1789. Twenty years later, the Atlantic slave trade was outlawed. Fifty six years after that, slavery was abolished, and the long road to unity was opened.

529. Not to be deterred, Satan began, and now continues, to stir every possible pot of animosity to prevent a sense of brotherhood among Americans.

530. The abolition of slavery in the US found most of the world’s population still living in countries wherein slavery was practiced. That included all Islamic countries.

531. As a point that should be informative, the African Islamic Republic of Mauritania did not outlaw slavery until 2006.

532. As far as oppression goes, that pot has to be vigorously and continually stirred if it is not to be labeled ridiculous by the entire population of the U.S.A.

533. Today, Americans of the black race occupy prominent positions in the sciences, education, entertainment, professional athletics, military leadership, health care, the media, the judiciary, local governments, school boards, state governments, the federal government, major corporations and Wall Street.

534. For 2019, the number of black millionaires in the U.S. is estimated to be 380,000

535. Also in 2019, through out the world, there are twelve to fifteen black billionaires……. Five of them are Americans.

536. The preceding accomplishments were not sympathy awards for the atrocities suffered by their ancestors any more than the descendants of any other race with a history of slavery……..They were earned!

537. If the masses of black Americans are oppressed today, the oppressors are doing a very poor job.

538. There is a serious question that must be considered in any honest discussion of the charge of America being unique among all countries and cultures in the “Great Sin” of “slavery and oppression”.

539. The question is:  Why do so many people of all races seek to get here as fast as they can?

540. This topic will be concluded with a caution expressed to my children and friends …. Be very skeptical of contentions emphasizing, “race, race, race”.  Satan’s influence is in there some where.

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