LS & T – (62 – 75)

62. The inception of the socialist/communist ideology, sometimes using idealistic democracy as a stepping stone, has provided those who lust for power over others with an almost hypnotic conveyance to that goal.

63. The methods of attaining that goal have sometimes been insidious gradualism and sometimes direct violence.

64. Power once thus gained and subsequently threatened is most often maintained by the use of extreme suppression.

65. Perhaps the earliest example of that suppression was exhibited in the origins of the French revolution during the late 1700’s. The planners used the noble philosophy of “The Rights of Man” to gain mass support for the over throw of the monarchy and, once some supporters balked, the public use of the guillotine tended to moderate their protests. History continued to reveal that pattern in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Red China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba and others.

66. At the core of establishing these types of governments, either gradually or violently, is the importance of recruiting an “army” of devoted followers.

67.Hitler described that his method of organizing was learned from the Marxists. The modus operandi was the delivery of propaganda directed toward the emotions of the masses and very little to their intellectual logic. He found this to be so successful that he was able to get his followers to participate in, or acquiesce to, killing other German citizens as well as stealing and destroying their property. Google …. “Kristallnacht”.

68. The Great Terror of the Soviets, the slaughter of protesting students in China’s Tian’anmen Square and the Killing Fields of Cambodia are examples sufficient enough to illustrate the dangers of the hollow and treacherous promises of economic, social and political equality proclaimed by socialist/communist organizers and planners.

69. In spite of the clearly expressed socialist/communist intentions and maneuvers to overthrow the government of the U.S.A., most people of the U.S. have remained oblivious to the threat. Some have even been complicit in the advancement of those goals.

70. This has only been possible because those who have controlled the systems of education have failed to stress (or chose to omit) information regarding the dangers of those ideologies and the historical uniqueness of the American form of government.

71. Even though communist intentions had been laid out for 100 years, Americans who called attention to the presence of socialist/communist influences on college campuses in the 1950’s & 60’s were ridiculed and lampooned.

72. Records now reveal that foreign students eventually began returning to their home countries with the newly fashionable Marxism that they found on American campuses.

73. For a significant period of time, the presence of Marxist professors at some colleges has been common knowledge among the students.

74. This has been confirmed by no less authority than former President Barack Obama. In his memoir, Dreams from My Father. Therein, he shared how he had carefully chosen Marxist professors while attending college.

75. There is no way to determine the number of Americans who have been indoctrinated by those learned instructors over the past seventy or eighty years.


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